10-Minute Arm Workout, Safe for Pregnancy, Class FitSugar


Working out while pregnant can sometimes feel like an uncomfortable chore, but grab an exercise ball or chair and try this arm workout — half of the moves are done seated. Building your biceps is not only helpful for holding your baby but is also great for lugging around that car seat, too. This 10-minute workout will tone your arms and strengthen your back. Grab a set of dumbbells, press play, and get ready to become a strong mama.

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  8. Seriously?? All three of you girls are ridiculous. This Is the worst prenatal workout video yet. At least give a rep count or time countdown. Spoiler alert: rows for days.

  9. I think the video is good and a good work out (this is coming from a chick with flabby arms), but I can't stand Zelana. Stfu already. Is there an echo? Ever time Sophia says something insightful she feels the need to butt in and "one up" everything she says. I wanna fkn punch her in the face. Totally ruins the video for me.

  10. thankful for the girl in purple. Lol! If it wasn't for her I would have forgot to even breath. a little fast for being 2 months away. But I still did enjoy the challenge of it and will be continuing.

  11. Hi there am 5 months pregnant and I do have shoulder pain n neck as well is it ok to do this work out. Or does it get worst if I do it my shoulders are too wek please suggest me so beginning workouts to strengthen my shoulder

  12. Am 6months pregnant and I LOVE this workout, it's a bit to fast so I just slow down on my pace. I actually did all 10mins my first try, I used 17oz water bottles, very satisfied. Great ladies

  13. The woman in hot pink is too fast and wobbles too much! The workout itself if done correctly like the other two pregnant women one will feel the burn. Just don't go as fast as the nonpregnant women.

  14. I've tried many prenatal workouts and this is probably my favorite for upper body. Most others seemed to leave out key muscles and overwork others, but this one didn't – and it had enough reps to make me feel the burn, all in 10 minutes. I think I'll stick with this one since I don't have the energy to do longer workouts.

  15. I like this kind of workout,however,i had to do it in my own pace. I followed the video for 3 times already ang i got exhausted because there is no resting and too fast,especially the woman in pink. She's not even conscious with the time..what's with the rush??

  16. Thank you for this workout! My baby is 2 and I'm still doing this! I got sciatica later during pregnancy and this workout was the only thing that felt challenging but that didn't hurt too much to do. I did this workout so much that my arms are ripped in the photos of me holding my newborn, haha! This recently helped me recover from a shoulder injury as this focuses so much on the back and keeping the shoulders back in good posture.


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