10-Minute Booty Shaping Workout


Shape your booty with Equinox trainer Nicole Steen. No equipment needed, just get ready to pulse!

Find more from Nicole on: https://www.instagram.com/nicolelovesfire/

On Nicole: Flexi Lexi outfit and APL shoes
Vagabond Goods mat

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  1. If i dont feel hurt after the workout and i only felt a bit of that burn during the workout does it mean im doing it wrong??? Anyone could help me pls thnkss

  2. I'm starting tomorrow!!
    Will do this every morning for 3 months!
    No more carbs.
    1 meal a day (i'm used to it) of veggies+ meat or eggs or fish, and some vitamines.
    Tired of people not responding to update requests. I'll give one once a month!!
    Good luck people.

    EDIT: I now only do this routine once a week since I started a water fast. I'm on day 10 of the fast and had to stop doing it more than once a week.

  3. Yo that woman just killed me😂😭 I thought she would change the legs more often😭 out here not knowing if I should hate or love her😭😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. Hey, I just wanted everyone who might be in doubts to know – this workout REALLY WORKS😍😊 I've been doing it for over a month cca 4-5 times a week and I see a great results. My butt got harder, bigger and it looks sooo much better in anything I wear. Friends actually noticed some change after 2 weeks, so guys, KEEP GOING, it's definitely worth it!💙🌻😊

  5. Note to self.. Please don't do this after completing a workout of hers prior. Omyword I'm dead. Weird, but I can see a change already


  6. LOVE her energy.. pure and vibrant (which is important as a yoga teacher that I am).. Good sequences targeting the major and minor muscles through rotations.. I feel strongly however this video can be made stronger by MORE repetitions , some exercises are only 10 secs long.. so I may revisit but pause and continue before moving to the next exercise. Thank you <3

  7. I’ve done this workout 3 days in a row and it’s already lifted my butt and made it a little harder, no growth yet but I’ve only done it 3 times so I’d say for that my progress is pretty good. Let’s see what a week of doing this workout does for me!

  8. I went through a second time and I swear my boody could barely make it! Good sweat the second round! Yassss I love the burn! Please put out a total tone session for us viewers who need a solid low impact routine.

  9. Just finished this workout 2 times, 100 glute bridges and 100 squats with a 14 pound weights. As proud as I feel of myself, God I. Am. Dyingggg…

  10. If you are thinking about giving up I can tell you it's totally worth it my butt looks so much better and it gets easier every time you do this so hold on you can do this! ❤️

  11. you don't need this workout to be beautiful.
    You need this workout to feel confident, to release stress, to push your limits and show yourself how strong you are.
    But you are already beautiful, even if you don't see it❤️

  12. I’ve been so frustrated because squats do NOTHING for my glutes. I feel everything in my knees and quads even though every trainer has said my form is perfect, I guess I’m just “wired” differently. Thank you so much for uploading this video!!!

  13. I'M LOVING THIS!!! This was my third day, I'm feeling so much tighter already. At the end of the exercise I'm feeling like my booty muscles are screaming and I love it, it targets exactly what I need for reducing my cellulite and shape my leg. I will post updates, I'm not quitting this time!!!!!

  14. You are the best!!! I am doing only this workout for 4 months now, with ankle weight and my butt transformed so nice.. Thank you Nicole ❤️💜


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