10-Minute No-Equipment, At-Home Cardio Workout


Take 10 minutes to get your heart rate up and burn major calories with this at-home cardio workout. We’ve partnered with Brooks Running on this no-equipment workout, which includes moves like squat jumps, rocket hops, and skater jumps. For all our runners, we start the workout with high knees that will have you feeling like you are sprinting to the finish line. Ready to move? Let’s do it!

To shop the looks in the video, visit https://www.brooksrunning.com.

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  1. Great video and good job on motivating not only me but many others. I feel i deserve a lot more subscribers and i know my content is entertaining now i just gotta work harder than ever and give more than i am now.

  2. HI EVERYONE!!!! The ZUMBA idea is great. I also like JEANETTE JENKINS, as long as the workouts are at least 45 minutes. Allie" s 10 minute workout is intense, I like it. BRAVO POPSUGAR!!!!!!

  3. Good workout. I just didn't have the floor space to do the plank walk. Speaking of planks, I noticed most online workouts go right into planks without a hesitation. My group exercise instructor makes a big deal out of them having us inhale & exhale several times to a count of four before we do our plank, which I think makes them seem harder than what they are. You merely need to keep breathing normally through the plank.

  4. I appreciate this channel so much! I just got back from my classes,it is 10:30pm and I couldnt go the gym so this short video is exactly what I needed.Thank you PS!💕

  5. Thank you , Pop sugar. Remember , I singed up for the 2 weeks fitness challenge.
    It was awesome. But could you please send me the old workouts where Aana is hosting. It was great to workout with them but to be honest, I don't feel motivated without Anna .

  6. Listen this workout saved my life this morning. My internet wasn't working so I couldn't use my TV app. Ran out of time to do my usual 30 minute workout. Had 10 mins left and had to find a 10 minute workout. Boy you worked me harder than my 30 minute workouts. Thank your u!!!

  7. I love this workout, but my dang internet kept stopping to buffer! (I have awful internet) Is it possible you can post below what you do in the comments below so I can write it down and time it myself without the video? Thanks so much!

  8. Great little work out , thank you so much am trying to get back in shape at my old age LOL just one knee is an issue but with your modified version i can at least do most of the work out! 🙂 Thank you 😀

  9. I literally see this chanell yesterday and I adore that really hiit / cardio jumping workout it really burns that belly fat. Can you do more JUMP cardio workout like this? ❤


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