15 MIN CHAIR WORKOUT – Extreme Full Body Training / Nothing for Beginners | Pamela Rf


A full body workout – only using a chair or bench (which we all have at home .. so no excuses hehe). A very intense sequence of exercises working your: abs, core strength, arms & back muscles, chest, glutes, inner and outer thighs and your CARDIO. So all in all a great way to fire up your entire body in 15min ♥︎

I know a lot of those movements are very challenging – if you need a break – take it! You will get better over time 🙂
Another option is performing the exercise without the chair (and for example) placing your feet on the ground. You do you! ♥︎

The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise. There is one 1min rests in between.

I recommend switching up your workouts to give your muscles enough time to recover and to hit them from different angles. You can do this workout 2-3x a week and if you want to do be active on the other days: check out my Sixpack, Muffin Top, Sexy Arms, Calorie Burn or Booty Workout!!


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  1. Liebe deine sport videos, kannst du vielleicht mal paar dehn übungen zeigen, was man so jeden abend machen kann. Das wäre echt praktisch weil meiner meinung nach ist Stretching mega wichtig und das dann auch vielleicht fürs ganzen Körper. 🙈

  2. I did it! But i was a bit paranoid when you were doing the leg lifts because I did dislocate my knee one time, and I don't want my parents make me quite working out because I dislocated my knee in this one XD, luckily I didn't ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. This workout is the BOMB.com!!!!!! I LOVED it!!!!!! I do it while I’m at my crossing guard post when I’m sitting out of my minivan waiting for the next wave of kids to come. I hate jus being still so this feeds my need for motion. Well done!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Pam you are a model for many women around the world 🌎! My mom is doing your workouts and she has positive results , also I am trying to push her as hard as I can to improve herself .
    Thank you Pam , I have learned so many things from you and I hope I will meet you one day at the gym in Germany . You rock girl 💪🏻👩🏼

  5. I didn't have any knowledge of exercise, so I had been doing only cardio before… Yes, I had lost some weight, but I looked kind of skinny & somewhat..older. Somebody suggested me that do more weight training instead. Then, I found Pamela on YouTube 6 months ago and tried out her workout videos 3-4 times/week. I have tried out all her series so far. I look so much better. I learned weight training is the must, especially when getting older (I am 47..) I really love her workout videos. I need a better chair to do the chair workout though. ^^ Thank Pamela.

  6. kindly tell which lighting and camera you use ,i have started a fitness you tube channel and am quite confused about lighting and camera to use ,i love your videos and how clear they are

  7. Can you please tell me how your shoulders aren't falling off during all these side plank exercises? I am not a beginner but I have no idea how you do that. My shoulders hurt so much doing this 😀

  8. New subscriber here! I love your videos go directly to the point and I feel actually pretty good doing them thanks!! QUESTION: could you pleeaase do a What i eat in a day video for some inspo on recipes?!

  9. For a beginner like myself… This is very hard I spent most of the time trying to get it right. I only managed to do a few of the exercises, but i'll try it again next time.
    I'm new to exercising and I can't afford Gym so I love how her exercises are mostly done at home with no equipment, definitely subscribing

  10. Pamela shows poor form on the triceps dips. Your back should be straight up and down, perpendicular to the floor. Pamela starts off OK, but then her back and butt move farther and farther away from the chair. You can see on the video how much stress this puts on the shoulders. Over time, doing triceps dips the way she demonstrates could lead to injury.

  11. Hello, can we please have a video for lean legs? I love yours! I have problem with naturally muscular thighs and I wanna have them smaller
    Thank you honey
    Lots of love Kat ❤️

  12. I triée to start it but don’t think I have enough muscles in my back, upper part as belt part ; could you do a vidéo for all the back, average level plzzzzzz ?

  13. Love this channel!! This is what a goddess looks like, people. Hitting 10’s on every element, from your tan to your hair, your makeup to your jewelry. Damn. You’re rocking everything. This face should be on the cover of Vogue! Hey from L.A.! ❤️🤩

  14. "Nicht für Anfänger" Ich bin alles andere als ein Anfänger und sterbe bei Minute 5! Da müsste stehen "Nichts für Leute die nicht zaubern können"😂


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