15-Minute Get-Back Workout With Harley Pasternak For Better Posture and a Leaner Body


Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak’s Get Back workout focuses on improving your posture and creating a longer, leaner-looking body. Grab a pair of medium free weights and get ready for a real booty burn!

If you love this workout, be sure to check out Harley Pasternak at the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival in LA (May 5-6), Miami (June 2), New York (July 14), and Chicago (Aug. 11). Get your tickets here: www.propelcolabs.com/PS.

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  1. Yay, was so happy to see Kaycee back!! Love her, her personality just makes the workout more enjoyable! For trainers, I would like to see Jake Dupree, Simone, Jeanette, or Katie back! They give some killer workouts!

  2. For those who are asking, when it comes to exercise and pregnancy, if the mom-to-be was physically active before getting pregnant, it is very likely safe for her to remain active during pregnancy. Basically, expectant moms should keep doing what they’ve been doing and slow down and modify their workouts as needed. While it's usually OK to stick with a modified version of an existing workout routine, if you’re are pregnant be sure to consult with your doctor before starting something new.

  3. does anyone know channels that actually have intense cardio dance workouts? can't come here for them anymore. these workouts popsugar have been releasing since 2018 started are all slow and boring and for sissies.

  4. this is like 3 moves and one of them is NOT good for you> WORST workout on pop sugar yet. This does NOT give you good posture (Jake Dupree or any of the other pilates oriented work outs are the way to go).

  5. I rarely rarely comment on videos, but I really liked this guy and his cues and tips! “Whistle while you work” —GENIUS!! Thank you pop sugar! And welcome back Anna!! I’ve missed you.

  6. the details of every postures are so clear, love how he explains these movement with vivid examples! so smart and impressive, hope popsugar could bring him back for more, and MAKE IT A LONGER WORKOUT!!!

  7. I felt it the next day, loved this workout! It definitely targets my problem areas. As a nurse, I'm on my feet for 12-16 hours so compound exercises targeting multiple muscles under 30 minutes fits my lifestyle.More workouts with Harley please.


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