15 Uncut Minutes of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay in 4K (With Commentary)


For the first time check out 15 minutes of uncut gameplay from Final Fantasy 7 Remake in 4K.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake – TGS Trailer:

Final Fantasy 7 Preview – It’s More Than a Remake:

Final Fantasy 7 in 7 Minutes:

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  1. Really i never got it why the hell the japanise love huge umpratical clothes and weapons design in their games and animes, os this some sort of fetish for the japanise people ?

  2. Welp, I'm convinced. This is RE2 (2019) levels of remake hype. I can not #$%&ing wait for this. Looks like Square finally nailed how to do combat right with a new FF entry.

  3. Should have left the gameplay identical and upgraded the graphics whilst keeping the original art style.
    Also name changes should be availible. To me he's not called Cloud.

  4. I know it’s an old complaint and I’m sure it’ll still be a great game, but I can’t help but still be a little upset that this won’t be the full ff7 game and only the first section. Hopefully the next parts don’t take ages to release

  5. How to kill a legendary game .
    The game that everybody love <<THE>> Milestone of Jrpg,
    The king of sales,
    The game with all of the best characters in the whole JRPG world!
    This video is a representation of : How to kill Final Fantasy 7 .
    This is not FF7.
    We r square and we like to release awful games check the last 5 ff games how many of them are actually worth of the Final Fantasy title?.

  6. This combat system alone is enough to not buy the "remake" .

    I have no power over square …wish o had that power to sue them .and delete this fail project

  7. Why is it so flat and bland? where are the levels and obstacles during the fight? Its so slow and clunky, and why is there no quick dashes or really fast and high jumps? This will be so quicksandish. basically this will get hack and slash by mid game. I know everybody is excited over the cool cutscenes but im kinda disappointed. This looks like a 2013 game. Maybe they will make the fight environment better when the game comes out. otherwise it feels like a stationary DMC from 20 years ago. I dont even think Materia will make much of a difference smh

  8. I would love to see a mode where all characters are Ai controlled and you sorta watch everything from above ordering issues and stuff, that would be a neat adittion

  9. Don't like the "takes 10 mins to kill first boss" thing.

    Also, the combat is definitely just mashing attack and then throwing other commands in, what is he talking about?. It looks exactly like that and that's how most action games are. In shooters you just run around and shoot things, mostly with one button.

  10. I didnt think much of FFVII Remake but it does start to feel like next big Final Fantasy title. Its seem to have that familiar oldie JRPG storydriven feel but at the same time modern and sort of evolution of FFXV combat mechanics. I'm kinda getting that new FF excitement with this for the first time. I hope you can do parry Gladious style if you time your guard well.

  11. This looks DOPE!!! I like the fact the combat gameplay is like an action RPG instead of the stand still combat that the original had. Even though I hated the stand still combat from the original , I loved the the original. Never finished it because I had to give it back to my friend but this one I'm definitely buying and completing.

  12. Man why Final Fantasy is making war and try to discard Turn based combat. i can't get behind this Hybrid stuff at all.
    sure It look flashy but also really boring. If it ain't broken don't change it. Look at Pokemon , Dragon Quest, Persona.
    What are you trying to become FF ? button masher instant win game for Youtuber with pretty graphics that's it.
    Of course people who loved FF15 and hate turn based game won't mind this at all…but for someone like me this is sad.

  13. Not so sure about having boss fights longer than freaking MMO RPG raid boss fights. Almost 10 minutes for the first boss? That is going to get boring very fast. This must be how they are making the "parts" so long. Not so sure about this design choice.

  14. It looks great, graphics are stunning, art design holds up, I love seeing this game reimagined for a modern audience.
    I used to not mind turn based combat, but it's just too monotonous for me nowadays. So I'm happy to see it change to real time….
    With that said, I am worried it won't be as engaging and deep as the games I enjoy as an adult.I like challenging games, that require strategy, reflexes and timing…. I am just worried this will be too easy, "Tab this button until this meter fills, then press this other button…. rinse repeat". Hope I'm wrong


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