16 Year-Old Fortnite World Champ Swatted During Stream – IGN Daily Fix


The Fortnite World Cup champ had his stream interrupted by a swatting attempt, Xbox-first party games might not be exclusives, and the ambitious next Star Wars score will include throwbacks to every other movie.

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MOVIE REVIEWS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCJmeQyJk1E&list=PLraFbwCoisJBTl0oXn8UoUam5HXWUZ7ES&t=0s&index=2
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  1. Can't the police track the caller to punish them? I mean swat is for real serious scenario if the caller just using their service for prank there have to be somekind of punishment right? Like false accusation or wasting a whole specialized police squad time

  2. I don’t get this is even able to be done by ppl they just show up anywhere u tell them armed and ready to shoot ppl like wtf is this swat thing like an Uber swat lol

  3. It's sad but after receiving a threatening message from a sore loser back when Destiny came out. I've just been very cautious playing online and more recently, have entirely lost interest in online gaming. As an 80's gamer, it was nice to see how far gaming technology has come. There's just always going to be those individuals that ruin a great thing. At least I was able to venture out and see if I'd like gaming online. Was okay but I can personally do without.

    Stay safe out there!

  4. I only care about Ninja Theory games still coming to PS4. Though that would completely defeat the purpose of Xbox acquiring that studio in order to get me to buy an Xbox system.

  5. Swatting could easily be avoided if the streamers would notify the authorities what they do and be put into a database.

    Then if their address is swatted they could be called.


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