20 Minutes and Done! Full-Body HIIT Workout


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  1. Killer awesome workout! I would just love if you reminded your guests what Popsugar is all about – didn't love hearing Astrid talk about people judging you at red lights. Anna is always so empowering in her encouragement so it'd be good for you to remind your guests of that. Loved the workout itself, though!

  2. Just finished and omg im soaked with sweat!!! tough workout but it was fun though! loved that there were weights included. i can already feel the soreness

  3. High intensity indeed!!! Could not keep up as it felt like I might injure myself. Glad Anna was commenting how hard some of the series were in this video!

  4. The pause button was my friend. 😉 this was a great workout. I will do it again, as I love the sweaty challenge. Modifications worked in my favor as well.

  5. I love this workout but found Anna and her constant talking to be quite annoying. When popsugar brings in a celebrity trainer, they should be the focus of the video not Anna.

  6. okayyyyy 🙂 Astrid Swan is known for her HIIT workouts. She is fit! And knows how to get us to our limits and further. Thanks Anna for working out with Astrid! You are my favorite instructor!

  7. Whenever I do a workout with Astrid, I end up with a super sore back 🙁 I'm not sure which moves are doing it, but I've learned to steer clear of her all together! I love Anna's videos, though. Many of them are cardio intensive, which is what I'm looking for.

  8. Great exercises.
    Now all we need are a few brain exercises for you ladies and we're set to go.

    Seriously, I was more politically informed when I was 10 compared to the average adult female.
    If you are not interested in discussing politics, fine. DON'T VOTE. Do Yoga instead.
    But when you insist on voting and all you know is: "Clinton has a vagina so I vote", then fuck you.

  9. what a workout. honestly, had to stop a couple of times. I also live the instructor's watercolored pants! her abs are also to die for!🙌

  10. Great full body workout! I did another 20 minute HIIT video before this, any advice on what else I should for fat loss (belly esp) and toning? Ab workout, more cardio, full body sculpting…?

  11. I want to say thank you for all amazing stars, gorgeous inspirational trainers and workouts. Since I started working out few months ago. I have increased muscle mass, lost body fat, toned and improved a lot. You are the best. Xoxo


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