30-Minute Cardio Dance & Sculpting Workout


Get ready to dance and sculpt with Joie Lee Ruggiero, creator of Haumea Athletics. This is a high-intensity workout designed to challenge your body and mind. Press play and let the music guide you through it. Love this workout? You can find Joie’s Mahina Moon Series, a collection of four workouts — one for each week of your cycle — that harness the energies of the moon to boost vitality, promote physical fitness, and allow our bodies’ natural rhythms to meet us halfway in cocreating the results we desire, available on: https://glow.popsugar.com/@haumea.athletics/plan/mahina-moon-series-yr6KV9me1b

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  1. That was intense!! I loved every piece of it! I enjoyed it and I know I became even stronger like Joie says we are powerful and we are capable of anything! I love dance cardio!! It made my day 😀 Thank you POPSUGAR Fitness 😀

  2. This was wonderful — very different from the usual cardio workout and fun! Loved the uplifting attitude and the modifications were GREAT for me. Thank you for posting this workout. I look forward to doing it again soon!

  3. Barely any of this was dance, and this was not high-intensity at all. I skipped the cool down, which was an entire 3 minutes out of the actual work out timer, because my heart rate didn't get up. It started with 2 minutes of warm up which seemed really promising, but then it went into an 8 minute arm strengthening section, which is great if you're on a strength training day, but I thought this was supposed to be cardio. Then it's 2 minutes of jumping jacks, which I also don't count as dance. The rest of the work out is about 8 repeated moves over the rest of the time until the 3 minute mark, including a section which is mostly just holding your leg up, so again not very cardio like. Maybe ballet like if we're giving it dance points, but that's not what I, personally, look for in a dance video. Very disappointing over all.

  4. The description should say if you like jumping for thirty minutes and doing strange moves with them, then this is for you. It was cardio but I’ve never been more bored of jumping in my life.

  5. This workout is really cool! But this is jumping cardio workout , this is not dance cardio. On the second floor of my flat it was difficult to do. I had this workout for 18 minutes because I was afraid to disturb my neighbors.😊

  6. This wasn't a typical cardio dance & sculpting workout video, but I LOVED it soo much! It was weird, and different, and very inspiring. I would love to see more videos with Joie. I'm looking her up asap!

  7. That stretch of jump cardio was something! I struggled to keep up since I have lousy stamina, and this wasn't a traditional dance workout, but I still liked it overall. Something different, and I loved that mind coordination arm warm up and jumping jack – so important to exercise the mind as well!

  8. 1. this wasnt a dance workout
    2. please stop making me have to FIGURE OUT how to even do the move? i dont want to solve a rubix cube with my body? im fat AND dumb okay lets just work on the fat for now. please? great.

  9. This was fun and effective cardio but I wouldn't recommend this workout for bad knees. there were a lof of jumping workouts… not included lower body streching

  10. You cannot call this a dance workout. That is misleading. There was no dancing involved. It's more like step aerobics. I found this workout to be boring and repetitive.

  11. I'm a huge fan of popsugar workouts but I didn't like this one at all. It was boring because they repeated the same exercise for sooooo long. Besides that it was no dance workout at all and all that jumping really hurt my knees 😞.

  12. It was so nice💯💯✨💫!! I've been extremely enjoyed every pieces of yours videos and it truly helps me stay energized. Thank you so much for sharing the video! Love you guys 🤸🏻‍♀️❣️I'll keep following it.

  13. Doesn’t she just love herself. She wouldn’t have such a smug smirk on her face if she was joined by a hot Latina. The workout was good but she kept doing the same moves so won’t be doing this one again.

  14. Can you make a workout of 45 minutes or more a lot and more than 3 times a week because ihave been using the same workout for months from your channel alot and i have been using them all

  15. Didn’t really like it, the dance cardio is usually fun so you’re not really aware that you’re working out! It s good to try new things but not for me. Thank you for the video.

  16. FUN! FUN! FUN! I lifted weights with my arms prior, so that was a bit of a challenge. It got me sweating and I know that I burned mega calories. It was also unique and not boring, which I love. Kudos!

  17. Glad I did it because we all need cardio from time to time. But it wasn't really a dance workout and there wasn't much sculpting in there either. I didn't find it fun, but hey ho, it's still a workout.

  18. wasnt really a fan of this work out :/ I don't have the greatest stamina but usually with these work outs, I push through because I'm having fun with it. This was just too repetitive and made me want to give up multiple times. Also the cool down was more of a strengthening work out rather than stretching.


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