30-Minute Cardio Dance Workout


Dance FitSugar host Deja Riley is bringing you a dance and toning workout that will have you moving to the beat as you burn up all your muscles. Get ready to groove! Find more workouts from Deja on her Glow shop: https://glow.popsugar.com/@DejaRiley

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  1. These Girls- I won't give up
    Me- I trust you
    Fans- We love you
    World- We are always with you
    Universe- One of the most important part of me is you 💖

  2. this is the dance workout I love, going so well with beats and not looking like such a part of "we need to learn some kind of dance." this is fun cardio making workout not in a scary way or not so do-able, and has me want to do it right away without any hesitation!

  3. Is this only me who feels disabled during those workouts? I just totally cannot into all those dancing moves ;o Apart from that – was a good one, but I definitely did me…

  4. no! the final one is a NO, it comes too fast, making me frustrated, cant follow well, cause not so ready to do it with unexpected different moves. oops.

  5. This was a great short workout where I burned about 200 calories, so I appreciated that. However the transition from the first section to the dance finale is to abrupt and very hard to follow. Since she changes up the way the moves are handled from one to the other it doesn't feel like a true progression. Aside from that definitely a good workout.

  6. Again a dance workout😞
    Popsugar fitness plz bring back our trainers
    Rainier Pollard
    And etc
    Don't know Why you guys are uploading again again dance workouts
    Plz upload some non dance workouts..

  7. It baffles me how many people complain about FREE workout videos. If you want a non dance routine, simply click on all of the other FREE workouts from popsugar. You should be great full for this channel.

  8. i looooove dancing workouts!!! thanks popsugar! these workouts are helping me w/ my depression, keep doing this amazing job of yours. <3

  9. This was tough on my body but I enjoyed it. the last sequence though was way to unexpected and fast – I did my own thing and was still smiling and sweating. Sending love from South Africa.


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