30-Minute, Kickboxing-Inspired Dance Cardio Workout


Love kickboxing and cardio dance? Body By Simone has the perfect workout for you with this 30-minute, calorie-burning workout.

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Wardrobe: Alo Yoga outfits and Body by Simone shoes

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  1. Omg this workout is AMAZING!! It was hard but easy to follow and WOW it got my heart racing!! Simone is awesome! Please do more workouts like this!!!! (with better music!!!!)

  2. I want more dance cardio routines!! Cardios can get too boring with time, but it's so fun when it includes dance. I can sweat a lot, but also have plenty of laugh and fun!

  3. A good one, what is even better is no Anna and her non stop talking, she talks too much, find it so rude to her guests. I don't need to hear this does this or that and her body parts are burning, so annoying, but It is my opinion.

  4. I love cardio dance kickboxing. This one is fantastic, so much fun! One of those workouts that gets more challenging when you learn the routine.

  5. When I started this workout I thought it was going to be too easy… by the end I was DRIPPING in sweat. The individual steps themselves were easy and I liked how they broke them down before speeding up. The repetition and increased difficulty throughout helped make this a great 30 minute workout. I don't know if I would love doing this regularly though since I would already know the steps and it might feel slow to be learning the basics again. We'll see!

  6. I added your workout to my 30 minute workout. I only done it for 5 weeks and I lost 10 pounds!! (1 hour just 3 times a week) Thank you Simone!!!! I almost lost hope on losing weight with my middle aged body.

  7. I don't usually get bored by dance cardio's but this one was truly boring after 15 minutes at least… She repeated the routines like A LOT and I was like seriously? again?!
    btw I love your workouts and Christa's kickboxing workouts which are REAL KICKBOXING and cardio sculpting … I just didn't like this one, not at all.

  8. I've done several workouts on popsugar but this one is the hardest for me when there is 10min left on the clock and you basically do the whole routine over and over at the end I'm already drained. I keep coming back to this video to try and finish without stopping. Maybe all the knee or hamstring pressure.

  9. Following from Argentina🇦🇷 I love this workout!!! And this channel definitely change my life! I’ve been doing different workouts since April and I feel awwsome

  10. This workout gave me a great cardio burn (about 300cal according to Fitbit) and I enjoyed the overall routine. However, I really didn't enjoy the instructor or backup dancers. Compared to some of PopSugars other instructors – especially any of the cardio kickboxing ones – this one lacked the helpful move queues and fitness commentary I've gotten used to in these workouts. Still, I loved the burn and am still sweating, just would rather have it with a different set of instructors.

  11. didnt like this one. was too robotically repetitive and didnt feel much of a workout. but seeing as i already ran a 6 km this morning with a 45minute conditioning session, its a good evening fun session.


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