30-Minute, No-Equipment Toning and Calorie-Burning Workout From Anna Victoria


Tone your body with this no-equipment workout from Anna Victoria, creator of The 12 Week Fit Body Guides​.

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Website: http://www.annavictoria.com/guides

On Anna R.: Eleven by Venus Williams top and Goldsheep tights

On Anna V.: Onzie top and Flexi Lexi tights

On Brittany: Reebok top and Cotton On Body tights

Shoes by APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs)

Yeti Yoga mats

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  1. I'm sorry, but Anna Victoria has the personality of a door knob….definitely not as inspiring or fun as some of the other ladies on pop sugar. LONG LIVE ANNA R!!

  2. I totally love this workout… I have been doing it since 1wk. on and I can very well see the result now.. thank you so much popsugar.. 😘😘😘love from India..

  3. I do this workout once a week. I am very tight due to last week i had my tubal ligation and was not allowed to workout for 5 days. Im healed up and ready to keep my workouts going with help From PopSugar Fitness. Yall are amazing!! And i feel so so strong after this workout!!

  4. Thank you PopSugar fitness for changing my life! This summer I lost 20 pounds, and all thanks to you! My mom has started doing these workouts, and she sees results too! You are the best fitness channel! <3

  5. A couple of things/terms I don't understand, help!

    1. What does it mean to tighten your core? Like what do you do when they say "keep your core tight"?

    2. Can I do excercises without wearing shoes since I'm on the mat and indoors?

  6. This had a lot of good moves. The only problem I had with it is that it was a little too shoulder intensive for me. I had to modify the final move of mountain climbers to bicycles on my back, just to give my shoulders a break.

  7. So I was not expecting this workout to turn out like this! I was very surprised. I'm happy I did this because I noticed a huge difference afterwards.

  8. The trainer was giving too many breaks and also the pausing and talking during the moves was a bit distracting. The push up burpee was challenging but also it didn’t feel natural regarding body mechanics.

  9. Aaaah thank you so much as I always do after a great Popsugar Fitness workout… Anna V you are just as lovely as PF’s own Anna and made the workout all the more encouraging. I am feeling it all over… definitely in the upper body!

  10. Instructor seems to lack experience. She lead advanced moves with little to no instruction. She was enthusiastic but didn't count down and didn't finish the circuits. With experience she'll improve like everyone of us.

  11. This was intense but a bit slow. Im a beginner this made me sweat and i will do this one again because i want to get to the point where i can do all the pushups here. The only thing i found weird is that she takes alot of breaks. Ive done a few other videos and never have i seen so many breaks in a 30 min workout.

  12. This is definitely a more beginner workout, which may be great for some, but those of you looking for intermediate or higher, keep moving. There was only 20 min of the actual workout, plus 4 min warmup up and 6+ min stretching…of course important, but when i look for a 30 min workout I want to maximize my workout time! It also felt like Anna V. is perhaps not a certified trainer, she offers very little technical information, is inconsistent with her prompts and seemingly just stopped an exercise as soon as it got a little hard for her.

  13. Why is Anna Victoria so out of breath and taking modifications? What happened to pushing yourself and pushing those at home? She can take her modifications, I busted it out like you're supposed to! Boo-yah!

  14. Just finished the workout.. I think it could be great because the exercises are challenging, but the teacher wasn’t good explaining the exercises , not talking through it or when to start or stop.

  15. Great workout. The instructor seemed a little shy to offer cues and countdowns which caused me to have to stop frequently and see if she was still doing the exercise. I'd love another one of her workouts with better verbal cues because she's awesome!

  16. I agree with the other commenters that countdowns are helpful and encouraging, particularly in mountain climbers for me.

    Overall, though, this series delivered just want I sought in an exercise this morning: energy, challenge, and arm workouts! My shoulders burned during the upper body and core circuits, so I cut a few of the moves short by a few seconds so that I didn't sacrifice form and hurt my shoulders.

    Thanks, Anna, for this invigorating class!

  17. OMG, this was tougher than I imagined. Looking forward to doing again, so I can keep up now that I know the moves 🙂 Great workout. Lots of planks, so if anyone has wrist issues you may want to do modified options

  18. I didn't like that you have to do abs on your arms after an arms circuit, it just feels too much… But I liked the stretching at the end. Also I feel like Anna had to add some explanations to the exercises because the leader coach in this video didn't explained how to do them correctly.

  19. I’ve never had such a sore back. But I loved it, cuz I actually realized how many muscles I have in my back haha never try never know haha

  20. coming home from a 9 hour shift at work where there's almost only dudes in the office, this super girly workout from way-too-much-makeup-to-look-comfortable-wearing badass ladies in pretty leggings is EXACTLY what i needed. provides great balance, physically and mentally. thank you! 😀

    also i'm someone who doesn't exercise as much as i probably should, so i was very grateful for the modified versions and the "if you can't do xyz that's ok"s lol. had to take some breaks but feel great afterwards 🙂 definitely gonna do this again


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