30-Minute Old-School Hip-Hop Grooves Workout


It’s time to groove it out with Luckie, creator of Old School Skinny. This throwback dance workout is perfect for all levels of dancers who want to get a serious sweat. You ready to push it?

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On Luckie: Rhone tank
On Nellie: Glyder tank and K-Deer leggings
On Ellie: Carbon38 top and K-Deer leggings
On Shineko: Rhone outfit

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  1. So happy to see Luckie on here!!! He’s absolutely the real deal! Took a session at United By 8 adult dance camp last year, and he’ll be on the dance cruise 🚢 again this November with GROOV3! Check out Unitedby8.com , there’s still spots available-but not for long! 😅

  2. If you are not so good dancing or following a dance routine like me, this may work. I like the instructor is not doing things fast, I enjoyed his vibe and all the choreography, I love dance workouts but usually I find the moves complicated and they go from one move to another fast and its difficult to follow. With this one you can make all the moves, if not at first but you will make it, he repeat them various time, and at a peace that help you achieve it. This was so nice to watch, Im gonna try it knowing this is doable for someone its not great at following dancing workouts but loves them

  3. I'm very grateful for free workouts, and I'm all for variety. It just seems there are so many dance workouts past many months😣
    ❤I would truly love to see more cardio-sculpt/cardio intervals w/strength (dumbells) workouts!🥰

  4. There was a full-body strength training workout posted last week. Not sure why everybody says tired of the dance videos. This is the Dance FitSugar part of the channel I think. Because Deja!

  5. OMG! 😱 I don't think that I've ever worked on a Dance Work-out where I'm so not hopping the time goes by so fast I want more & more this is #AWESOME I'm literally drenched in sweat but I am so pumped, You all need to have him come back it's so worth it 😭 👍👌

  6. I didn't like this one at all. So much free styling to the point that I started getting frustrated. For the first half, the moves did not not have enough reps for me to get the gist of the move and follow along so I was fumbling around and then they'd freestyle right away (so your heart rate doesn't get a chance to build up). The music kept changing mid dance set that if you didn't learn the move quick enough now your tempo is off and you feel like an idiot. The second half was a single choreographed dance which is done over and over again. It was far easier to learn but the music is still changing mid dance and the amount of freestyling had me so confused. It just felt very disorganized and catered heavily towards those with advanced skills. Although I sweat a lot, I felt I could have gotten the same workout just dancing around the house for 30 minutes to my own music.

  7. It doesn't matter how much the viewers say that they want weight and toning workouts. Pop sugar doesn't listen. They continue to post these ridiculous videos.

  8. I think this workout was amazing!!!! I love the instructors energy and humor, and especially love how he teaches you the choreography and then we do it slow, medium, fast, slow, fast, etc. Whatever the beat of the song, we do the same dance moves to it. Instead of learning twenty dances to twenty different songs like in Zumba, there's only one dance to learn but it is used throughout various beats. So genius! Once I learned the moves, I could just let the music and dance take me on a mental vacation! I love thissssssssss!!!!!!!!


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