45-Minute Calorie-Torching, Low-Impact Workout


Burn calories and tone your body with this 45-minute workout from LIT Method founders Justin and Taylor Norris. This workout proves that low impact doesn’t mean low intensity. Get ready to squat, push-up, and punch with this workout designed to build you, not break you! Use this link https://ondemand.litmethod.com/popsugar-gets-LIT/ for an exclusive two week LIT Method subscription, where you can create your “perfect program” by customizing your very own video playlist from the library of LIT workouts.

In this workout we use booty bands, resistance bands, and foam rollers in the cooldown section. But don’t worry, you will still be worked without them.

On Anna: Onzie top, Avocado tights, and APL shoes
On Justin and Taylor: Puma
Manduka mats
Corkcickle bottles
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  1. Loved this workout and I rarely ever comment, so I mean it! As someone who sticks primarily to high impact cardio and HIIT routines and heavier weights, this was a much needed change to something low impact with bodyweight. Time to give the joints a break! Don't be fooled by the low impact title/description with this one – the sweat was dripping, heart was pumping non-stop and muscles were burning. Burned a ton of calories (in my 40s and very close calorie burn to my hardest boxing workouts), trainers were great, time flew by and my body felt relieved afterwards! Can't wait to see more workouts from this great LIT Method duo!

  2. I’m loving this workout! Love the energy of all 3 of you guys! I dislike working out at home but this workout is amazing! I sweated like no other my body hurts lol but it was worth it. Keep up the amazing work guys! Can’t wait for another workout video of all 3 of you guys! ♥️

  3. THIS IS MY FAVORITE WORKOUT VIDEO SO FAR, Thank you popsugar!!!! Frenchie here tells you je vous adore! <3 I know it's good when I can't feel my legs anymore and I'm used to working out regularly since October. I am starting to really like the low-impact videos you are uploading, and wit this one, I just sweat a TON, just like after the HIIT! <3

  4. This was an amazing low impact workout! I have a foot injury so I cannot do any high impact exercise (running, jumping, hopping, etc.) for a long time. It is hard to find a good low impact workout, especially for someone used to intense HIIT, and I'm happy I randomly found this one on pop sugar. I'm even considering signing up for the LIT Method membership:) I already had all the equipment needed except the foam roller, and I used my dumbbells for the bicep exercise. Thanks for the workout!

  5. Absolutely loved this workout!!! Love the low impact and this routine worked every part of my body. THANK YOU! This couple is awesome and adorable. I want to work out with them everyday!

  6. I LOVE this workout!! I really enjoyed it! The sweat was dripping and my all body was burning! I love 45 minutes workout, please do more! And more workout with the resistance band 😉

  7. Thanks for this wonderful section in teaching me how to follow through your routines. I have tried many video as well in which to tell you the truth you just happened to nailed it off right away. I have kept up with it for awhile. Zumba 💪 rock on all the way.
    I am so happy you got the opportunity to broadcast it through YouTube. Not many are as good into how you cooperate in putting your effort and time to demonstrate. Hope to 👂 back from. You are amazing

  8. Substitutes for equipments
    -old sports bra or pant elastic for booty band
    -skipping (jump) rope for resistance band…it will not give much elasticity but still works or a big piece of elastic will do
    -Rolling pin or strong bottle rolled in a towel for foam roller
    Hope that helps you guys too😊😊

  9. I keep going back to this workout when I don't feel like working out. Definitely very effective and enjoyable. I normally turn on background music but I don't want to. I receive a very positive response from listening to him. I've been complemented on my quads, which really pop in a lean way after doing this. But you can really notice it all over. I hope he will release more like this because I don't ever want to get bored from doing it. Maybe one like this but more challenging..? Popsugar please!! 🙂

  10. Awesome workout! I’m just entering my 2nd trimester and this was bloody awesome! It was challenging but also easy on my body, Thankyou so much! Will be doing this routine more often 🙂

  11. Loved this one! Very well balanced and a very good warm up. Most of the aerobics programs we see practically have no warm up. I'm a physical therapist and I use a lot of your moves in my Practice. Thank you and keep up the great work! ⛹️

  12. This was awesome for hyper-mobile joints! High intensity, full range of motion without impact to compromise stability. I used a blue theraband in place of their bands (PT had me at that resistance for the some of the same exercises so I'll stick with it)

  13. Absolutely loved this one!! My pregnancy nausea struggled with the inchworms a bit towards the end, but Anna’s modifications were brilliant! Thanks team for an incredible workout, this has gone straight to the top of my favourite workouts!

  14. This is such a great low impact (a must for my sleeping babies) but high intensity workout that engages your ENTIRE body. Just what I was looking for. You can easily scale up or down depending on your fitness levels (video gives you ideas) and I love that they incorporate a cool down AFTER the 45 minutes so you know you're getting a solid 45 minutes of elevated heart rate plus the oh so important cool down. This is going in my weekly routine. Thanks popsugar!

  15. This workout video is the best, low impact for people who can't jump but makes you sweat for real and challenge your body, I have been doing it for almost a week and I'm catching up with advanced moves. Thanks popsugar and you awesome trainers… Hope everyone here all the best

  16. (no hate, just a comment)
    he looks really good except he needs to beef up his legs to balance his chest & arms
    i mean seriously, look at his pencil calves

  17. I had to almost completely stop working out due to tendinitis and this video has helped me get an intense workout without causing much strain on my muscles or joints. Thank you very much it is one of my favorites.

  18. Justin is so handsome! 🙂 this was an extraordinary workout, really enjoyed it! Anna, you're so lovely and funny, great job doing all this exercises with belly. How are you handling motherhood? Wishing your family and especially little Lucca happy and healthy new year! Greetings from Croatia :**

  19. This is a fantastic workout for folks like me that can’t do lots of jumping around. I absolutely love it! Also like the fact that it’s 45 min and it’s fun!! It’s s part of my weekly routine now. More like it please 🙏

  20. Anyone else have this workout interrupted about 4 times for ads? That has never happened to me on a popsugar workout before. Two you could skip after 5 seconds but two I had to watch the whole 15 second ad.

  21. I love PopSugar but I have my favorites and this one is now in my top 5. Doesn’t look like much but it will catch up to you. Great workout!!

  22. Absolutely LOVE the resistance band section! I don't usually comment on videos, but I've been dealing with a back injury for the past month or so, and have been looking for ways to strengthen those muscles to speed up my recovery and prevent it from happening again. I can already tell that these kinds of exercises will definitely help a lot!

  23. U know its really annoying when theres ads in the middle of my workout… its ok during the mini breaks but not wen im in the middle of an intense move 😒

  24. They really weren't kidding. Even though this doesn't have the crazy jumps that other work outs have I don't think I've ever had to stop at 17 minutes left and rest for like 3 minutes before moving on

  25. Taking the week off from the gym to get my hormones a little balanced. Usually I do strength before a cardio routine, but this was my only workout today and it burned but felt amazing afterwards. Love you lit method 🔥

  26. Workouts that are low impact are great. Could you do one that is good for when you have a bad back and are slowly getting back to your hi impact routine? My back "goes out" about 6 times a year and I do PT to work it out but still want to be able to sweat when I'm coming out of it. So some low impact still gives moves like squats that a back can't do. Maybe I ask to much? 😉

  27. LOVED this workout!! I was a bit skeptical because it was out of my comfort zone but I'm so glad I did it! fantastic trainers! Anna was on point! she never ceases to amaze me! and I was DRIPPING! I will be coming back for this again soon! Thanks PopSugar!

  28. I was looking for a work out for those days I can make at the gym, and this is awesome. I knew 30 minutes low impact work out and this one is even better. I was like sweating a LOT, and at the same time not very hard to do, and the time was just flying… Thank you.

  29. "low-impact doesn't mean low intensity" – sure, if I can handle intense hiit for one hour, I can do this.

    45 minutes later, my legs were so sore that I walked like a freaking king kong.

  30. This workout is fire! Didn't think I would work this hard in a low impact training. Fun, Sweat and torching calories. BONUS if you live in a appartement this is fantastic, no neighbourgs will be bothered! Thank you pop sugar!


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