45-Minute Workout With Weights to Boost Your Metabolism


You need to build some muscle to boost your metabolism, and this total-body workout will do just that. We start with a solid warmup, so you’re ready to push your body to maximize your gains. The workout uses light free weights; we suggest five-pound dumbbells, but this workout is still effective if you go with lighter weights or no weights at all. Plus, if you’re new to working out, we offer modifications for all the moves. So grab your weights, a little water, and press play when you’re ready to work!

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  1. superb, Ana! You are the most inspirational and fun loving person. Thank you for posting new videos frequently You are the best, thank you for everything that you do

  2. This may be my favorite pop sugar workout! I've been doing these workouts for the past three months, every other day and loving them! I usually do 30 minutes, so was a bit nervous about doing this longer one, but I think the main difference is a longer warm up and cool down. I also like not feeling bad about doing the modified versions when I need to.

  3. Okay I always do popsugar workouts and I've done all their workouts.. So today I tried a workout from fitness blender and I didn't enjoy that much.. all the thanks to Anna who always encourages me and makes me laugh in times of my workout.. guys workout is nothing without inspiration.. Again thanks to Anna for inspiring us.. From now I'll always do popsugar workouts.. Not any other..

  4. God I love your videos so much. My absolute number one channel to go to for workouts. It's challenging, lots of fun, and it keeps me motivated to finish the workout. Half of the time, the time flies by so fast I wanted more! Thank you so much for these amazing workouts and thank you for being so fun to listen to while I'm sweating my butt off 😂

  5. This was great!!! I ALWAYS love workouts with Dre, plus she’s got KILLER arms! 💪🏽Thank you for also including a thorough warm up and cool down!

  6. Worked up a good sweat, moves were easy to follow and was not bored throughout the workout. Great for a longer pick me up workout — i feel much more energized. Difficulty rating: 3.5/5

  7. Can anyone recommend what to do before and after these types of strength training workouts? Like what to eat before and after, and any types of exercise that help make the strength training more affective…I REALLY want to lose at least 50 lbs by the end of this year!

  8. Not so much cardio, so no pressure at all. This is a good workout for building upper body strength for someone like me who have small twig-like arms. I'm using 5lb weights by the way. Thanks for posting!!!

  9. Great workout, with the exception of going overboard on the shoulders. I think there could have been an alternate exercise for the arms while doing the lunges, for example. Thanks!


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