5 looks in 5 minutes | Alexa Chung’s Style Challenge!


I hope you guys enjoyed this video! I had so much fun filming it, let me know if you want more style challenges! Xx – Kelsey

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  1. Everyone who is saying “mic plz!”, remember that she was changing outfits HAHAHA. Often/most of the time, a good mic would need to be clipped to her clothes so it wouldn’t have worked for this video.

  2. Girl the timer was a lil off. & I feel ya when you needed to run off cam & get a bra to go with the top that needed 'a lil more coverage'. But mm.. haha girl, kinda felt staged. But cute outfits thou

  3. I’ve been trying to do my hair this way because it’s sooo elegant but idk what to search for on YouTube for a tutorial? I feel like there is an art too it not just normal curls right hahah am I crazy

  4. I wish if brandy Melville marketers or any brand w stores collaborate w bloggers to do this challenge on their stores this would be fire!!!!

  5. Wow I wish I dressed this elegant and classy I mean I definitely could where I usually shop there are affordable options but I'm usually just not drawn to that stuff like I have a few dressy blouses in my closet but I just never wear them 😂😂 I go for a cropped hoodie over a dressy blouse but it looks great on you you're giving me inspo for this spring and summer


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