5 Reasons Your Phone Sucks


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We all have those moments when we want to throw our phones into the ocean. Battery dying, phone freezing and horrible chargers are all too common with our iphones and androids. Hear me rant about it!

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to keep smiling =D !


  1. My mom's phone does every single thing but it is only 1 year old and she gets exremely frustrated when she does any kind of games or texting and her phone gets really warm really fast (she uses SONY)

  2. The battery is almost always to Iphone because thats one of little bad things that Iphone have i own a Samsung and i lasted with 20% in a festival always taking photos and recording videos and died the day after in the train

  3. OMG the 1st one is me all the way!!!My phone would be on 26 when I go to sleep and then when I wake up it's dead so I plug it in to the charger.It would turn on almost IMIDEATLY and when its on it would say 26%.Like HOW???!!???!!!?Are you dead or just turned off for no reason???!!?!?

  4. I had an iPhone and my parents Keep thinking i was only one and that I don't take care of my charger LIKE MY CHARGERS LIVE IN A CHARGER HEAVEN THAT THING IS PROBABLY TAKEN MORE CARE OF THEN MY PARENTS TOOK CARE OF ME

  5. My phone is annoying and can relate to the auto neglect my phone changes words in my sentence to make my life hard 😠😠
    And with the storage space on my phone

  6. I feel you! This video is so relatable. My phone is damn annoying. The most annoying part is when you are with someone and they ask you to borrow ur phone for a min and it freezes and gets fits. You get so embarrassed. And they finally take out their phones and damn.! it works so well!

  7. Dude, I'm sorry to tell you this but that is mostly just iPhones I have a Moto g 4 with the lastest version of Android and I was able to buy a 128 gb SD card and just put it in my phone so I don't run out of space and I can use it for some thing else when I get a new phone, I have had my phone for a year and half I watch YouTube all the time and my battery lasts like a day and a half, autocorrect keeps and remembers things I change back, I have had no problems with my original charger, and I can only remember like two times my phone has ever frozen

  8. I have android and the sudden doesn't happen to me, but happens to my mom's IPhone. So I think it only happens with IPhones

    Edit: my phone has 8GB….I'm dead

  9. When you wait on a customer service line for like eight hours and then finally get on and your phone dies. Or when your making a really important call and then your friend decides to spam you for no reason and everytime they send you a message the audio lowers and you can't hear anything the person is saying.


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