7 Characters We Want To See Join Marvel Cinematic Universe


7 Characters We Want To See Join Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Marvel Studios has been routinely hitting it out of the park with their movies and with Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man releasing this year, the hits promise to keep coming. They have successfully been able to take lesser-known characters and turn them into A-list draws, but with several actor’s contracts set to expire in the coming years, the studio will have to create a new generation of heroes and today we’re taking a look at 7 Marvel characters we think deserve to join the ranks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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  1. Blade ( Snipes returns to the role )
    Ghost Rider ( not the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D character )
    Fantastic Four
    Avengers: Enter the Kang the Conqueror )
    Avengers: The Evolutionary War, The Evolutionary )
    Namor the Submariner
    The Defenders ( not Netflix )
    The Gamma Family ( Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, A-Bomb, Doc Sampson & She-Hulk )

  2. The Fantastic Four might join the MCU because Fox is losing money with them and they can't make a successful movie with them. Also, if Fox doesn't make a film for them every couple of years then the contract says they have to go back Marvel

  3. 1. SHE-HULK
    2. Namor the Sub Mariner 1940s era (with Agent Carter)
    3. Squirrel Girl
    4. The Human Torch(the android that catches fire) 1940's era (with Agent Carter)
    5. Iron Man vs. the Mandarin
    6. Fantastic Four 1960s era
    7. Silver Surfer origin story
    8. Adam Warlock
    9. Captain Marvel and the Kree Skrull war
    10. MoodDragon

  4. just say no to kids as hero's. I'm so tired of these so called " cool" young hero's. if I remember right there have been 3 Spiderman movie series, every single time he is a kid, even Marvel Comics let him grow up and mature. so please no Runaways ( stupid scenario anyway) and no Ms Marvel.

  5. If I'm going to produce , write & Direct a Punisher Movie these are going to be my titles:

    The Punisher: One
    Againts: The Hood, Hitman & Jigsaw

    The Punisher: Expansion:
    Features: Black Widow
    Against: Barracuda & Crossbones

    The Punisher And Justice For All:
    Features: Moon Knight
    Against: Bullseye & Kingpin

    The Punisher: Capital Punishment:
    Feautres: Captain America , War Machine & Hawkeye
    Against: Taskmaster , Bushwacker & William Rawlins

  6. I would go with Darkhawk, Tigra, Moonknight, Jocosta, Starfox, Nova, Slipstreem, Hurculese, Blue Marvel, and Machine Man to add to the MCU or Netflix or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. just for starters.

  7. Since strange has already been brought in. Use him as the anchor to the rest of the marvel movies but also use him to start the off shoot universe featuring the midnight sons line. Maybe ghost rider showing up in the next doc strange movie. Then getting solo film possibly doing the same for nightstalkers/blade and morbius. Finally bringing them all together for a marvel zombies film adaptation. Since a horror/comic movie (no way that would work) would almost certainly have to be R rated to be worth a damn. Might consider bringing frank castle into this universe.

  8. Blade and the night stalkers I want to see Wesley Snipes be in another blade movie and actually be in the MCU it would be really easy all they would have to do is introduce in the movie crossover with Spider-Man and then both fighting Mobius the living vampire

  9. Heres what i want to see

    Spider Woman
    Ghost Rider
    Daredevil (yes, i know he is on netflix, i wanna see him in the movies)
    The Sentry
    Black Bolt

    In a later spiderman film

  10. This I one of the best lists because Ms.Marvel and the Runaways are two of the best character/characters ever in my opinion I would just add Squirrel Girl because she might sound lame but she amazing and has defeated Thanos before so Squirrel Girl could be in Endgame mwahahahahaha…*hem hem* anyways awesome list

  11. 1. Ms.marvel
    2. Adam warlock
    3. She hulk
    4. Photon (i dont recommend a solo movie, she needs a cameo and should fight side by side with the avengers)
    5. Fantastic four
    6. Doctor doom (ik he is a villain but he needs a solo movie like backstory maybe the next villain in avengers 5?)
    7. Nova


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