7 MORE Things Only Fit Girls Understand


Well, apparently there are EVEN MORE things that only fit girls aka girls who workout can understand! In this video we explore lost hair ties, pets and yoga, dirty gym equipment, post workout selfies, talkative gym strangers, and noisy neighbors. Enjoy!

My 1st Fit Girls Understand video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0a4OAEvjC0

Thanks to my buddy PJ Stahl for letting us use his gym to film! Check out Lock Box if you’re in LA: http://www.lockboxla.com/#home

Thanks to Harold the pug!

Thanks to Lexi and Leslie for always starring in these silly videos with me. Big thanks to Leslie for having to stare at my butt at very close (and uncomfortable) distances.

Thanks to Sam for still helping us film even though he was TOTALLY SICK and DYING!

Thanks to Brad Etter for filming!

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  1. Hahaha when I do certain workouts in my house I always get CT 😂 I never wear shorts at the gym because my shorts ride up all the time and make it look like I'm just wearing underwear haha

  2. UM? Wtf! I am not fit but it doesn’t mean I don’t know what is like to struggle with a hair tie. I suffer with eating disorders and this is really triggering, unless you like to cause people to starve themselves, you should add at the beginning of this video, to NOT WATCH if you struggle with eating disorders!

  3. I'm sorry….
    But as a female who works out, the hair tie thing…..

    I do not relate to one bit. If I find a hair tie, I find a hair tie. If it's a scrunchie it's a scrunchie, if its blue its blue, IF ITS PEE COLOR WITH A MIX OF BLOOD I wear it.

    Be more thankful you can even find one on your first try.

  4. I don't like these videos because I feel like in a way they are body shaming because you think only slender bodied girls understand it. I'm not trying to hate on you but I think that you should maybe rethink the title

  5. Why this always making about only fit girls understand yer you are fit like you should try did types of thing that happen to girls because it can get boring on annoying at time but don’t it to heart I was just stating my opinion even though asked for it 😂😂

  6. Can you do a video on like teenage struggles because I feel like for my age, people look like I’m crazy when I work out🤷‍♀️


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