7 Things That Need To Happen In Kingsman 2


7 Things That Need To Happen In Kingsman 2
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Kingsman: The Secret Service was a surprise hit that very few people saw coming. Director Matthew Vaughn’s subversive send up of the spy genre grossed around $300 million on an estimated budget of $80 million which can mean only one thing – sequel! So what can be done to build on the break out hit for its second outing? Today we’re sharing with you our list of 7 things we think need to happen in next installment of the Kingsman saga. Keep in mind since we’re talking about the inevitable sequel, there will be spoilers from here on out.

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  1. Apparently though it was started by Brits, the kingsmen is an international intelligence group not tied to any government. Presumably there are other branches not seen in the film. However, there are only so many Arthurian names to go around, so I wonder what the American branch would go with. Maybe they would take on code names from American history and folklore like Davy Crockett (real person), Pecos Bill (not a real person), and Paul Bunyan (not a real person). Hmmm. That could get a little bit silly. I'd say stick to actual historic famous Americans. And would the U.S. branch be strictly U.S. or would it be U.S./Canadian? If it's really independent of government, then why not?

    Roxy is too capable just to be the Bond girl to Eggsy. And Eggsy likes chasing women a little much to settle down just yet. If they make Roxy a love interest, they may have to kill her off as the ultimate motivator for Eggsy and I don't want that.

  2. People who would play the new agents would be Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy and the bad guy woyld be Daniel Day Lewis(that would be unexpected as hell) if you could pull that off then $$$

  3. In what i want in Kingsman 2 plot: is when a traitor or mole exposes the organization and planting them false evidences of heinous acts of ''Crimes against Humanity, and all government intelligence agencies such as the CIA, NSA, MI6, etc. are after this ''Upstart Spy Terrorist Organization'' and that the remaining agents are on the run, to find the mole who exposed them and to clear their names

  4. Kingsman 2 must retain it's British feel regardless of where the action takes place or you might as well call it something else entirely. Hopefully it will not be full of established stars because that will destroy it. NO Hugh Grant he would be crap! Heard that the director of the original is not involved in the next one? That could tragic. Hope not, but not confident.

  5. No no one of the things that make the kingsman so good is the evident Britishism of it. Also KINGSman. I don't see no royalty in America.. also roxy should stay an independent badass woman. No every movie needs an obvious romance. Like all the other points tho 👍

  6. Movies like Aliens, Robocop and Harry Potter prove that female leads don't need to be romantically involved with the MC to make things interesting. I prefer Roxie to become the next Anne Lewis, albeit a bit more badass.

  7. May I say the more (out of space) gadgets will take the main plot away from this film and would also ruin it as the film is about the more present weapons and I think that is partly what makes the film amazing

  8. all I want is for Roxy to have a REAL FIGHT SCENE. not a quick one thats over in 30 seconds or she and Eggsy are fighting two people at the same time and it switches back and forth between them. JUST ROXY, KICKING ASS

  9. are you guys nuts? involving a romance and making it american will totally break with the style of the movie. It will feel like one of those bad sequels that feel like a whole different movie

  10. am i the only one who wish his love interest will be the princess instead roxy? roxy better being a independent badass woman and im so sad the princess didnt even mentioned in the second one 🙁

  11. American???? You got to be joking! A secret service based in The Great Britain is the whole plot! Can't you Americans not be in a film for once???

  12. What else that needs to happen is if u seen the first movie at the end Eggsy starts fighting the mugs but it ends as soon as they are about to fight!😡😡😡😡I'm so angry they would leave a cliffhanger that intense!😤😱😵🤐

  13. Colin Firth actually is confirmed to be in the sequel. The popular theory is that he survived getting shot in the head (it's rare but it does happen) and was picked up by the American spy agency Statesman (which is also in the sequel).

  14. 7 Things That Need To Happen In Kingsman 2:
    7. Let the director do his job.
    6. Let the director do his job.
    5. Let the director do his job.
    4. Let the director do his job.
    3. Let the director do his job.
    2. Let the director do his job.
    1. Let the director do his job.

    No one gives a shit what you think. You're not the director.

  15. another kings man because remember three original kings men died Lancelot, Arthur and Galahad but there are only two people to fill in the three open spaces (eggsie and Roxie) so I would like to see one last person to take aurthur's place


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