8-Minute Boot Camp Workout


Today, Rebecca-Louise whips you into the best shape of your life. The XHIT 8-Minute Boot Camp Workout is the perfect routine for anyone preparing for military basic training or, if you’re like us, anyone who loves a hardcore training session.

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  1. It would be a good idea to check your push up form. People are watching this and using you as an example for how to do the exercises, we don't want to show them the wrong way to do things.

  2. I'd like to see the haters on this video, actually SHOW themselves and the condition they are in, as well as their own video on what they think the proper form and exercises should be. sad, sad, sad,

  3. Omg this is terrible. Real marines have to shoot themselves in both knees then do 100 squats, then cut off their arms and do 50 pushups, then run 10 miles. This is nothing, boooooo you suck.

  4. I see that quite a few people are saying some rather rude things in the comments about this workout video. I just wanted to say it's rather rude because this is what Rebecca enjoys doing and i quite enjoyed this workout myself. I want all the people who post "boo, you suck," and "she has bad push up form," that no one is perfect and that when you post something so rude it really does a number to their spirits.

  5. Good video but this should be at least 30minutes because if your expecting to go into the military, football, basketball or anything strenuos its about not giving up and pushing through. Run, push sled, use battle ropes, do push ups/pull ups, planks, ect.

  6. I remember it being a lot harder than this when I was in boot camp, and they weren't nearly as friendly and encouraging as you are being. It was more like "get to it you bunch of lazy ass maggots my handicap grandma could out do your sorry asses" not "excellent job guys keep up the great work if you need to modify it".

  7. 2:22 her right knee goes inside instead towards outside, this is very bad for knees, she doesn't work properly, she's teaching it bad way (just the force not methods)… Her push-ups…. very bad… head towards the floor, she is not straight, this is pad for neck…Look how she looks at 3:12

  8. Why do i have that feeling that if i follow this i will injured myself.. i hope im wrong but i aint expert but i think something is wrong with this. I hope you do it good because people like me are watching


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