9 Movie Rumors We Wish Had Been True in 2014


9 Movie Rumors We Wish Had Been True in 2014
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9 Movie Rumors We Wish Had Been True in 2014

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  1. Is it just me or is Clevver Movies freaking bipolar. When Godzilla and Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out they simply praised it, but as time went on, they started saying that they were both terrible and that they were both "panned" by everyone. I personally loved both of them.

  2. A rumor I do remember hearing, was having Thanos be the villain of Avengers 2. I'm actually happy to hear that it will be Ultron, and that Thanos will be in Avengers 3. XP  (And Godzilla 2014 was amazing. Gotta respect Toho's classic works done in modern time/technology).

  3. Every time I hear/read Nova's real name I can't help but laugh at it. What cruel evil son of a bitch would actually name their kid Dick Ryder? That's downright heinous. And hilarious. Poor Nova, jfc.

  4. I'd still like to see Spiderman join the Avengers, and, after seeing Sony's disgraceful capitulation to online terrorists, I'd like to see the superhero get as far away from that studio as his web shooters can take him!

  5. yes spider man will be in the marvel cinematic universe, and will appear in captain america civil war as a cameo, but we will know for sure next January, at the spidey summit, because Sony and marvel are going forward with spideys appearance in the MCU, and has a solo film coming by marvel and Sony.

  6. Last year you made a prediction video where you said if you were wrong 5/9 you would do an entire video in bikini. Amazing Spider-Man Didn't make the most money, we got confirmation about DC superhero movies, lex Luther is gonna be played by Jessie Eisenberg, not Heisenberg. Star Wars episode 7 isnt an orgin story and the after credit scene of guardians of the Galaxy did not have iron man meeting up with the guardians in space. That's 5 incorrect predictions!!!!

  7. There was one really unreliable rumer about GOTG and it was that Nathan Gillian might show up as Captain Mal. I always knew it wouldn't happen but deep down inside I really hoped it would.

  8. I watched the prequels first, but I must say, I feel that Jango Fett was far superior to Boba Fett.

    Favorites list:

    1. IG-88B, IG-88A(a tie betwixt the two)

    2. Grand Admiral Thrawn

    3. Plo Koon

    4. Emire Wat Tambor(My only wish is to change his name to Wa Tambor)

    5. Kanan Jarrus

    6. General Grievous

    7. General Maximilian Veers

    8. Clone 99(the hunchback from Star Wars the Clone Wars the TV series)

    9. Colonel Meebur Gascon

    10. General Wulff Yularen

    11. Bossk

    12. Jango Fett

    13. Galen Marekman

    14. PROXY

    15. Admiral Ackbar

  9. Um, SONY and Marvel are still in talks. The freaking Spidey summit is next month and there's an extremely high chance they'll collaborate. So, I don't know where the information about the talks stopping came from.

  10. too bad people are too stubborn to accept the fact that TASM is FAR better then the last spidey trilogy….
    stop the hate and start to enjoy great things instead of bitching about stupid things

  11. Marvel truly knows how to revive non famous super heroes. At this point, people trust on Marvel with everything they put on the big screen. They are the only ones able to do justice with Spiderman. 

  12. Whoa, wait….When the #$%@ was Gunn ever being considered for Ant-Man? Edgar left way back in May or June, months before any of this really "Positive Buzz" from GOTG was hitting! At that point, everyone on the internet was still talking about how much it was going to "suck"! They found Peyton Reed like two weeks after Wright left, and filming began in September if I'm not mistaken. there was no way that was ever going to be a possibility. 

  13. any one else want a star wars movie about the clone commandos. The game was really good and I hope there will be a game squeal but they could make a good movie about it or at least another game.  

  14. Any true Godzilla fan would tell you that you are dead wrong! We don't want to see the Big G against the military for the 30th time. We all know that missiles bombs and nukes won't even scratch him. In the movie the military engages him and annoy him more then anything. Also having less screen time ment for a bigger payoff when you did see Godzilla. People nowadays expect movies like this to be like Transformers, balls to the wall non stop action. What made this movie better than most movies of 2014 was the fact that it stuck to what it was going to be and didn't sell out and lose its vision halfway though the movie.

  15. Marvel And Sony has talked about Spidey joining the avengers, they have made a deal but not yet confirmed. Now IF the deal IS confirmed Spidey will appear in avengers infinity war


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