a fall weekend in my hometown


a fall vlog in my hometown
Welcome to day FOURTEEN of #YOUTOBER2019 ❤
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comment 3 things you’re thankful for!
❤ mine would be: coffee, Bentley and you!


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  1. I just wanted to say that you‘re such an inspirational person and you motivate me to be more productive and mindful. Thank you for that! Greetings from Germany! ✨

  2. Kalyn! I haven’t watched your videos in such a long time 😔 I’ve been super busy with work and trying to adjust!! Anyway! I’ve missed you and I can’t wait to binge watch your videos ❤️

  3. LOVE your vlogs and I’m so pleased you are vlogging again – I’ve really missed this. I definitely prefer watching the simpler things in a person’s life rather than the highlight reel. The best way of getting to know and to understand a person is through their day-to-day activities and routines. Highlight reels are fun now and again, but these ‘simpler’ vlogs are far the most interesting. ♥️

  4. Love the return of the vlog style! Nice to see your siblings and going back home but missed seeing you and your dad singing playing guitar. 🙂

  5. I loved this vlog… these are the kinds that I always adore. It’s always refreshing to see you in your every day life and I love seeing your relationship with your siblings

  6. Such a great Vlog – loved seeing you visiting with your family and enjoyed the laughter you guys had… Love all your video's been watching your videos for a long time and I take so much inspiration from them. I made the chocolate pumpkin loaf and posted about it on instagram. tagged you! So delicious. thank you for sharing the recipe. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Bentley.

  7. I needed something like this today. I got hit in a car accident and have a lot of financial stress along with my car being totaled. I just needed something so calm to keep my mind off of it. ❤️ thank you

  8. Could you make another books to read video where you show 20 BOOKS you read the past 2 years because you got so wise and I‘d like to get to that level one day😅😂❤️ I loved that personal vlog so much, we‘d be such good friends if we knew each other and that intro girl😍 THAT INTRO!!🍁🍂 YouTober ❤️❤️❤️

  9. I read the 7 Habits many years ago and loved it. I highly recommend Jack Canfield's "The Success Principles" book. Also I think you might enjoy looking at the late Jim Rohn's material on YouTube. He was Tony Robbin's mentor. I love all of your videos.

  10. "99% of us are just chillin" TRUUUUU. Love that you said that about the vlogs, when we only capture the highlight reel, most of our life isn't the highlight reel and little things are what make up life ❤️ Now that I've said this I should vlog more… haha

  11. I love you even more after viewing this vlog! Loved the interaction with your siblings. What is the age order of you three? I have an older brother and a younger sister. Fun vlog!

  12. I love 🧡 the just chilling vlogs – you taught me along time ago to celebrate the mundane and make events out of the little things. I realized how much I miss having that lense on life. Somewhere down the line I made it too complicated. I hope you know that all of us live for your perspective on the simple things and that you find the magic in vlogging again ✨ this was great

  13. I would over to be a daily vlogger because moments in life never come back and every day is different. I have a very bad memory so it would be great to see the crazy things that sometimes happen =D I'm not a daily vlogger because of the editing and not the filming. I can always show my day without the people that don't like cameras appearing but editing so much footage when I have a full-time job is really hard and I can't even find the time for twice per week =/ Still the moments that are crazy like this night when I woke up because I didn't feel my daughter kicking and I had no pain and slept 6h without interruption was crazy and scared but everything was ok and she didn't like to be woken up so she kicked for almost an hour – payback =D And I felt relieved. That is why I journal these moments but there are moments that I don't journal and just forget to learn with them so I would love to be a daily vlogger =)

  14. girl, right when you poured the water onto the leaf of your plant I was like "oh shit there it goes" the only problem with having plants indoors is dealing with the water

  15. I finished Someone We Know yesterday! I was a fan! I picked up another book by the same author yesterday and am already half way through. Big mystery girl over here🤪

  16. Kalyn, I’ve been a silent viewer of your channel (as in I don’t normally leave comments on videos on YouTube) for YEARS & YEARS. Honestly I’m a huge fan of you and feel like I’m watching a friend when I see your videos. Anyway! Long comment short, just wanted to let you know how much I actually enjoyed this vlog. It inspired me so much, honestly- something so pure and sweet about the bond between siblings and the music you chose and just you being you. As a creator to another, I feel like having silent viewers is hard because you never really get to hear their feedback. So, I’m changing that about myself and wanted to genuinely let you know how much I loved this video and honestly just you and your vibe in general 🙂 lots of love 💕


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