A ‘not-so-everyday’ In My Life…!


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| 1 Corinthians 10:13 |

Thank you to mama for doing an amazing job filming this!

& thank you to Alex for being a great actress and bff!

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  1. Lol I love it the Gossip Girl Intro 🤗 ! What a coincidence I’m just binge watching the show on Netflix right now. I get Blair Waldorf vibes but with a different signature look and modern aesthetics 😍

  2. Kels you’ve literally grown soo much as a YouTuber 😭.. I’m soo proud and happy for you .. however you’ll always be rosy cheeks and freckles to me ♥️

  3. I love the vibes of this video and taking risks and being unapologetic is my favorite moods so I double love this vid. You girls look stunning

  4. I really felt this video, u said something like *Don't let ANXIETY get in the way" that is sooo brave to say and most important get it, Do it & handle it! I have anxiety & I let it get in my way and take from me amazing moments Of my life 🙁 So thanks Kels 4 remind me to enjoy the life! :')

  5. Major Gossip Girl vibess in this video and I freaking love it 😍😍 Kelsey you and your friend are like a new modern version of Serena and Blair 😍 Loved how you edited this video and you always look so gorgeous 💕

  6. I can’t thank you enough!! I’m stuck in so much school work and when you said “don’t let anxiety and fear get to you”…..omg my mood changed immediately! Thank you for making this amazing video! Not only it is a fantastic promotion but also a great story about being jn the moment! 😀😀


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