Accessorizing For Summer


I’ve teamed up with Target to show you how I accessorize some outfits for summer!

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♦ A C C E S S O R I E S ♦
→ Metallic belt:
→ Triangle charm:
→ Mixed metal necklace:
→ Tassel charm:
→ Triangle tassel charm:
→ Galaxy bag:
→ Gemstone charms:

FTC: This video is sponsored by Target.


  1. It's still a wonder to me that you can wear heels as often as you do XD
    I've been trying to get used to heels since I was like 16 and it's just not happening lol

  2. hello! are you living in US? bcz I'll be going there on August so i hope you could tell me more interesting places and restaurants in US (new york)? I'll be really thankful if you reply me! thank you ☺️💞

  3. Why don't you show thrifted items anymore ? When you and Sarah first started this channel you showed tons of unique thrifted items, that's why I loved the channel so much. Do you just not go thrift shopping anymore ?

  4. Hey Jenn,

    Would you be able to make a video detailing your favourite online fashion stores. Especially online Korean stores.

    I really love Korean fashion, but as a first time online shopper and international buyer, it's hard to know where to start.

    There are so many illegitimate and unreliable websites that either offer poor quality clothing or just steal your money.

    Could please do a favourites video and a guide to online shopping

    Thank you.
    P.S. You're amazing and I love your channel!

  5. hi jen!!! thanks for this video! anywayyyy, just wanted to say hey and that your videos inspired me to create vlogs of my own! I just made this channel a few days ago and I have one video up so far! (it's a clothing haul, ikr #basicaf). I just started watching your videos recently (so i'm not sure if you go through all of your comments! and if you don't that's totally fineee, you get a lot heh) but yea, if you have the time it would be so awesome if you watched my first vlog because i'm a huge fan of yours now 🙂 thanks again!

  6. How can you always cute, pretty, bright and passionate?? I wanna get some of your Happy energy!!! ;D
    You are really fashionista!! I really enjoy your video every time. Thank you!
    I like the first mini dress and black bralette you were wearing on this video. Where can I get those?

  7. Im currently at target checking out eddie borgo! And definitely intrigued with all the pretty accessories that can be clipped on to bags, purses, necklaces, and even earrings!!!! Definitely gonna by myself a purse ^_^

  8. I might be in the minority here, but I like that you do end up getting sponsored by / collaborate with large companies to show case their accessories and what not. I really dig some of those charms they got there. And those items aren't too pricy either. Thanks for all that you do Jenn, I'm a huge fan of your videos.


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