Alien 5 Sequel Not Happening Says Ridley Scott


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In an interview with the French movie news site Allocine, Ridley Scott revealed the fate of Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5.

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  1. I really wish to see Ridley & Hicks fighting the xenomorphs once more and see her die. I definitely want to see a story where we see a teenage to young adult Newt (Rebecca Jorden) taking the mantle. Luke Scott got what it takes. It would be awesome to have Ridley on the Prequels and have Luke starting and leading the New Sequels.

  2. I am anxious to go see Alien: Covenant. I am even more interested to see Alien Awakening in the future and many other prequel films. I hope one day we see Ridley Scott filling the screen with his terror and developing his Queen and a swarm of xenomorphs.

  3. I am so disappointed this isn't happening any more. To be honest, this is what fans always wanted. We never asked for prequels even though I'm excited for Covenant, too.

  4. This video proves to me that studios have analysts watching the major YouTube movie channels. A week ago screenjunkies mentioned this movie on movie fights and how it was never canceled pretty sure… it sounds crazy but do you guys honestly think companies like Disney don't watch YouTube to see what the opinions of consumers are?

  5. Im Sad and Happy for this. Sad that neil lost this opportunity because it would have been a legit movie. Happy because i read and interview neil did 2 years back and he said that this alien project he was offered and new ideas he had for movies were the reasons he would not work on a District 9 sequel but since this ended we might get that one sooner that expected.

  6. Chappie was good, it was fun action and it actually had deep questions about humanity and what makes a real family. Also, you can never go wrong with Die Antwood!!!

  7. Even with the new head guy at Fox and the removal of Tom Rothman, with some exceptions, Fox always seems to put themselves in a weird positions with their creator/directors. Would very much like to see Blomkamp's Alien and don't know why Fox is being stubborn about it.

  8. This is why movies are a bad way to advance the ideas that make a story universe hold together. It used to be that sci-fi authors conceived a coherent concept, and ushered it carefully and consistently through a series of novels (if more than one was required). Ripley Scott should have maintained control from the get-go, rather than letting other producers and story writers steer it into the ditch. RS has much better ideas for the franchise than even Cameron did, and Covenant looks to be way better than an Alien 5 could possibly have been.

  9. When I saw the first trailer for Alien Covenant, I thought an Alien 5 became irrelevant. I only wanted it because Prometheus, while being a decent movie, dissapointed me by not having Xenomorphs.

  10. I was going to subscribe to this channel but due to there being so many negative wankers making comments on here im giving it a miss i dont have time for negitave shit. Neil Blomkamp is awesome. This movie would have been awesome. You negative turds can go to hell.

  11. I was really hoping to get the 'real' alien 3. Considering Aliens is my favourite movie of all time; I hate alien 3 with a passion. It's difficult to say but I think I hate it as much as terminator salvation.

  12. i am happy we are focusing on something new rather than going back to the old stuff…….i love ripley and hicks but tbh michael fassbenders david is much more interesting than those characters…

  13. Shouldn't us fams just start a kickstarter for Blomkamp so that we can help make this movie happen? I don't know how on board Blomkamp would be, but I'm sure if we can come up with enough funds together he could bring his very intriguing vision to life. Let's stop giving so much power to Hollywood and just start helping our favorite artists bring their visions to life for us. Times have changed guys. We can make this happen.

  14. Scott phoned in Prometheus, he was going for something that went terribly left!

    If you left out at least two of the dumbest characters, the movie would've been better.

    I'll reserve my final opinion on his continuing the franchise until after Covenant.

  15. I'm tired of the same old shit with Ripley and the same old bug hunt. Although the Xenomorph itself is incredible, it is very one dimensional; Kill. Repeat. The Engineers, David, the creation aspect…all give us so much more and really open this universe up.

  16. …Lexi Alexander, fincher, etc. instead of Scott ?😶😐 guys show me the reasoning behind that because Scott launched this franchise, he made it horrifying and suspenseful and layered it with mythology and deep questions with Prometheus. 😂what has Lexi Alexander done, also fincher?🤣 my god..

  17. I don't know why people want Neill Blomkamp to make an Alien movie so badly. He's honestly not that good of a director. Neill only made like 3 movies, the first one was mediocre and the other two look stupid. Fox couldn't hire a better director than Neill to make an Alien sequel? I would much rather watch Ridley Scott's Alien prequels. At least Ridley Scott is much more experienced and has made a lot of good movies in his career.

  18. r.i.p. neil bloomcamp's concept art of ridley in a xenomorph material full body suit.
    ill frame it next to my district 9, Elysium, chappie burays.

  19. This was the dream!!! A direct sequel to Aliens ignoring Alien 3 & 4. What's wrong with whoever decided this? I really hope one day we will get the movie we deserved for a very long time.

  20. Neil Blomkamp's idea would have been amazing …… 20 years ago. Sigourney Weaver and Micheal Biehn aren't young people anymore and I don't think they at present would translate into the hero roll that would be needed.

  21. To be honest, I wanted this movie more than the one that's coming out soon, which I think l don't think looks all that interesting. Looks good design wise, but doesn't look like there is much of a story. Just showing up and getting killed.

  22. I believe Ridley Scott is creating a much larger story than just Alien or Aliens. He's moving beyond ALIEN(S) with what he's doing now (Prometheus, ALIEN: Covenant and what follows)

  23. Thank god, I don't know why people want the film. Alien 5 might worked 10 to 15 years ago but Weaver and Biehn are in their 60-70s, do these people honestly think that they can still act like they did 30+ years ago.

  24. I genuinely liked Alien 3. Sure they killed off all the characters and it was a huge middle finger… But besides that I really liked the return to the enclosed, single alien picking people off kind of vibe

  25. What if he at least pitch the idea to Scott, even though it might not be all the same, at least we might have a chance to see Ripley's story "truly" end.

  26. Shame Blomkamp won't get a chance to direct an Alien film, at least not the one he prematurely pitched before Chappie bombed. It wasn't a hard decision for the studio to make, Ridley has a solid filmography and just churned out the Martian a critically and finacially successful film. Meanwhile the stock in Blomkamp's name has been steadily dropping with every film released since District 9. Elysium was received okay but less than District 9, and Chappie did much worse. So they went with Ridley.

    Also Ridley clearly has a vision for establishing the mythos of Alien franchise, something that probably really clashed with Blomkamp's vision.

  27. Yes, it would have been awesome to see this story line. I personally feel a lot of what Ridley is doing is against the universe that has been created for this franchise.

  28. Great news. I love Alien3 (esp. the assembly cut), I love Aliens too but imo Alien3 > Aliens. So I'm really glad Blomkamp is not gonna try and push it with some mediocre Aliens clone.

  29. Scott needs to be kicked out of this franchise after Covenant. No one wants to see more prequels about the origins of the Xenomorphs, or the engineers, or a half-hour or longer of boredom before stuff starts happening; we want 3 & 4 not being canon anymore, marines, pulse rifles, Michael Beihn, and RIPLEY KICKING ASS!
    Ugh….hopefully Covenant will be good and not wait over a WHOLE HOUR before any exciting stuff(looking at you Prometheus).

  30. Neil Blomkamp would have done an amazing effort…I have major concerns that Ridley Scott will screw this up…Prometheus will never be an Alien movie…and Covenant really worries me… James Cameron and Blomkamp….please that would be amazing!!!!!! Ridley leave it alone…not happy with where you are going with this…couldn't care less about the Engineers….

  31. why do people think Ridley has some huge claim to the franchise? He made a great film. But he didn't invent it, didn't create it, etc. And He has as many crap films as good ones. And by the looks of things… he is ruining the franchise. Aliens was every bit as good as the original.

  32. So I got to see Alien Covenant , what a piece of shit .OMG Ridley Scott needs to pay me for every minute I endured watching it the plot is so stupid in fact he needs to stop making movies
    and put in a home

  33. I liked Alien 3 so I'm happy Alien 5 won't happen and the concept Blomkamp was going for would've been interesting back in 1988 when the property was still fresh. I also am not interested in seeing a mid 60s Sigourney weaver running around the corridors.

  34. hold fast. they may still make this movie, it would make scene to weight until the prequels were done with anyway. saves writers tripping over cannon.


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