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I finally got around to doing a video that goes through my app and all its features! I hope some of you find this helpful. Let’s workkkk!
Link to my app:

Instagram: @tammyhembrow


  1. you inspire me every single day! thank you for your knowledge, and your wisdom! NOW THIS LADIES AND GENTLEMAN IS A FITNESS QUEEN! I'm a YouTuber too, and you inspire me to keep making fitness videos! THANK YOU TAMMY!

  2. Honestly was kind of iffy of the app but the fact that you add food, recipes, grocery list along with workouts damn.

    I paid 99.99 to buy an influencers 30 day recipe and workout which was absolute shit

    I SAY TO EVERYONE GO FOR IT TRY THIS OUT. I’m going to buy it right now because this is a steal and an awesome buy! Especially for your health and fitness why not.

  3. Seriously though it's been over a YEAR since you said android was "coming soon".. whoever is building your android app fire them and start again, there's no reason for it to take this long. You are missing out on a lot of potential customers including myself.

  4. you used to be all about fitness, updating us on phsyqiue and videos of full workouts and meals, what happened? its like youve lost your touch from where you first began!! please get back to why you became known in the first place


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