Apex Legends: ‘Fight or Fright’ Halloween Event Breakdown


Apex Legends announced their Halloween event, Fight or Fright. Here is everything you need to know including a detailed breakdown of the new lootbox structure and monetization of Collection Events.



  1. Over $100 to get two virtual sticks and skins that you won't even be able to see in-game lol I think I'll pass on the predatory loot boxes.

  2. Crafting metals and Apex coins are literally money. Even if you tried to hoard them enough to use them to instantly unlock stuff you'll almost never get enough to buy anything and if you do it'll months or even years before you get 1 thing. Let us use the Apex points to spend!

  3. This is exactly what EA wants. โ€œLook how great we are as a company! We donโ€™t charge 35 bucks for an heirloom anymoreโ€. I still think the game is fun but Iโ€™m not spending upwards of a hundred bucks to get the chance to own a cosmetic item. My goodness, video games are becoming such a joke with everyoneโ€™s greed getting in the way.

  4. But people already missed bloodhound heirloom because the cost was 3500 apex coin . It should be added for free to people who got all packs on iron crown

  5. They gotta make money. This is a perfect compromise. But Im done spending money outside of events, i have spent 600 dollars on the game since launch. And after the first wraith heirloom, you get SO many boxes that give you 2-3 drops of commom or rare crafting msterial. I think a balanced way to go about the loot system soon is to itleast have a limited time event where gun skins, finishers, and the like can be made for direct purchase. Because 500-600 of the dollars I spent, was a bad return.

  6. Iron crown event was dumb. But a zombie mode sounds awesome. It should stay & so should solo and the shotgun and sniper mode too

    But the fact that you canโ€™t get crafting materials after max level is very dumb. That needs to be fixed.

  7. IGN
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  8. This really isnt an improvement at all if you think about it ๐Ÿ™ price is still expensive and crafting material cost more so not much difference with this event just another way to see if we're willing to spend money on limited cosmetics when they're gonna pull the same stunt at every other event and call it limited Edition.

  9. Last everyone could get two event items for free. Now you get it anything unless you spend really money.I don't care about devotion and alternator skin. I think it have gotten worst

  10. Shitty game exclusives.. Have had it since release and STILL don't have a single legendary skin (besides weapons) they call us "freeloaders" sounds to me like EA has taken over and are desperate for money the fact they made it to where if you buy 500 crates you're guaranteed an heirloom proves it.. can't even get anything with the credits either so i'm just sitting here with 50,000+ and nothing to use it on what was even the point of adding earnable currency..

  11. Lmao dude at his house with speaker phone counting the stacks of cash we keep spending on the skins. IGN smoking crack too….. free heirloom…. you know how many non free things you gotta buy before you get that โ€œfreeโ€ heirloom?!

  12. Am I the only one who doesn't care about cosmetics and just enjoy the game for what it is? Never spent a dime. And for those who think freeloaders ruin the game, they actually help contribute to the business. Larger player base will equal more players to keep on playing.

  13. Will the report function work in solo mode? The last solo mode had the button to do so but it didn't work at all on the PS4. Why have they not added this function yet since the Iron crown event?

  14. Jesus.. cant they just FINALLY fix those laggy instance problems and Errors ? its annoying AS HELL. Before wasting ressources maybe fix the game.Many players left this game due this massive errors and laggy instances. They shat on the community and just wanna loot money.

  15. To be honest yeah it is but I u guys may diss me all u want but like others respawn is also trying there best and it's the players job to support them it's a fun game although bugs are annoying but the game is fun and freeloaders have their wish to earn 2 legendary and one amazing octane skin so yes of course it's in right direction

  16. I'd spend more money on this if I could just purchase the exact skins I wanted but since it's random I'll pass. I really enjoy the game and lore but don't like the randomness.

  17. Love that she is talking and explaining apexโ€™s fight or fright event and says but either way Iโ€™m really excited to try out shadowfall lol ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ


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