April HAUL ~ Thrift Stores & My Birthday :)


All the stuff I got in APRIL 🙂

Maroon Chain Bag ~ Plato’s Closet $12
Fringe Purse – H&M $29
Small Cross body bag – Nordstrom gift from my mom
Steve Madden Nude Pumps – Plato’s Closet $13
TopShop Boots – Plato’s Closet $18
Nude Flats – Target gift from by Boyfriend
Bodycon Dress – Charlotte Russe $27
Off the shoulder Top – Urban Outfitters gift from my sisters
Cardigan – Nordstrom gift from my Mom
White Crop Top – American Apparel gift from my Bf
Yoga Pants – American Apparel gift from my Bf
White Peplum – Abercrombie & Fitch from Savers $10

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  1. I would kill to go to a Plato's Closet in Cali! The one close to me is horrible and they're such jerks when you want to exchange clothes for money. You scored some great deals!

  2. Back of heel liners! My feet are slightly different sizes so I use them all the time to pad the shoe of the smaller foot. You can layer them up til they fit.

  3. OMG we are thrifters too and loooooove Platos closet and Savers. Great finds especially the Steve Madden pumps and the white peplum top. We are all about thrifting so we had to sub :-). And yes more hauls!

  4. Hi my suggestion is go to Payless or a store sales these shoe pads. But the ones I'm talking about are called Comfort Grips $1.99 at Payless. Well I hope that helps.

  5. For those super cute flats, you can wear a heavy sock with them then take your blow dryer and have the hot air blow on the tight places and the shoe should stretch to fit your foot much better! You could probably find a more in depth how to of that on Pinterest if you'd like. Happy late birthday by the way! 🙂

  6. there are these like heel pad things the purpose of them is supposed to be for comfort but they definitely made my flats fit better you can find them pretty much anywhere but shoe stores are your best bet

  7. The white dress really looks good on you. Ooo, I like the cardigan your mother got you too. The top you are wearing with it is adorable. I know it is way late, but happy 21st birthday.

  8. For the flats, put on a pair of fluffy socks and use a hair dryer to make them fit. I'm sure it's been more than long enough for you, but perhaps this will help in the future or help someone else

  9. add some fabric to some tiny sox(some nude ransperent one perhaps) by filling them up in the area of the hill and where you need them to fit you better
    if you can add some bra fabric inside the shoe on the heel area to fill it..
    at least this is what i could come up with for now

  10. For your chunky heels I saw a buzzfeed hack if put a ziplock bag in your shoe and fill it with water to the point it fills up ur shoes nicely. Put in in the freezer till the next day, I pretty sure it should fit nicely.

  11. if you get a pair of shoes that are small or too small take the freezer bags the big ones and fill it half way with water. Then put the bag inside the shoe, then out the shoe in the freezer over night and in the morning the shoes will have stretched due to the ice expanding

  12. Happy birthday! tip for the shoes- buy sole inserts, I got mine at cvs, and they should be shaped kind of like nose strips. then place them on the back part of the shoe

  13. to make your shoes comfortable just rub baby powder on your feet where it hurts and also on the ahoes. you can wear a thin shock if is shoes are very tight. wear it for 10-20 minutes while inside your house. tty doing it a couple times.

  14. Happy Birthday! Great haul, the bodycon dress is gorgeous and looks amazing on you! For your nude/black flats try wearing them around the house with socks, start with thin socks and work up until they fit better. If the shoes won't melt, try warming them with your hairdryer whilst wearing them (don't burn your feet!) I used to warm mine while I had the shoes and socks combo on. You look like a total doofus, but it does work. For the ones that are too big, try shoe wadding & insole. You can also get heel grips to stop them slipping off the back of your foot. I've tried all of these methods as for years I was a half size, if I went down a size they were too tight, if I went up they were too big… I felt like goldlocks n the 3 pairs of shoes 😉 seeing your bags made me wonder have your ever done a transformation or repair on a bag? Or thrifted fabric that you turned into a bag? I'd be super interested in these, especially putting pockets (both open and zippered) into the lining for a bag.

  15. to make shoes fit add an insole ( they can take away as much as half a size from the shoe) i recommend ones from Cherry blossom. very cheap but last a long time.

  16. for the shoes, the best way to improve the fit is to add gel cushions in the toe area and then some to the heel as well. You can get cushions that are made specifically to go at the rim of the heel, they're usually used to stop it cutting you but can help with the fit as well.

  17. Happy belated Birthday Young Lady.
    Thank you for sharing your talent for thrifting and arranging clothing and other in a personal way . Very inspiring .
    Many hugs from and Old Lady .


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