Are Marvel Movies Cinema? Martin Scorsese Clarifies – IGN Daily Fix


Martin Scorsese doubles down and clarifies his statement on whether or not the MCU is cinema, Square Enix is hard at work on a next-gen game, and we theorize about death in Death Stranding.



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  2. Honestly I love comic book movies (joker and the dark Knight trilogy are the only exceptions to his opinion that I can think of) but he's 100% right about marvel movies. People need to chill and let the man be…

  3. Just drop it already. He's allowed to have an opinion and just because you don't like it that doesn't mean he has to change it. Act like adults IGN you're embarassing yourself.

  4. I respect every one's opinion everyone is entitled to their own and others should not bother them about that…….but saying that MCU is not cinema is like an old man saying I love old cars but new cars are not vehicles…….this is messed up

  5. I don’t regard Marvel as “cinema” either. It’s just fast food “pop corn” mindless entertainment. Forgettable trash in the end. Unlike “cinema” like taxi driver which memorable and is still discussed and relevant today, And remade as joker. That’s cinema. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤡🤡🤡🤡🌍🌍🌍🌍

  6. Let’s be real here. Going to the movie theater is an adventure. It’s expensive as hell. If you go with your family, after tickets and popcorn, nachos, etc. I’m spending no less than $50 with two kids. I’m not going to a movie to see a comedy, or a horror flick or a romance or drama or suspense/thriller. I’m going to see the spectacle. The amazing effects and cinematography. The blockbuster films that take advantage of the screen and the sound. I love all movies but most I’ll get just as much enjoyment watching at home. Don’t need to watch a Scorsese film in theaters and he’s mad jealous that his films will never be as popular. He’s salty and this is just his way of saying it. Not at all saying his movies are bad. They are phenomenal movies. Just not worth the expensive trip to the big screen.

  7. I have to agree of Scorsese, Marvel movies aren't cinema. I think of them as adaptations or reimagined versions of those characters. They aren't cinema, cinema in my own opinion is in fact where original and improved ideas from people are put into reality.

    IGN, let's quote First Blood:

    "Just let it go, don't push it…"

  8. The people defending Scorsese for saying his opinion are the same people criticising others for having an opinion he's wrong? Double standards.

    I love most of Scorsese's films, but his comment was arrogant and filled with jealously. I respect his opinion, but ultimately his opinion was wrong. Marvel films ARE cinema… it's a fact.

  9. MCU movies are a joke. Been scrapping that trash from my to do movies for about 10 years now. When you have seen enough movies with great writing, hating mcu is a logical and natural next step

  10. Martin is a genius film maker! If super heroes film is not his thing, then it’s not. Move on. I don’t know why people are upset with his own opinion

  11. I dunno, but with the marvel movies being more of a show of special effects, can you really call it cinema in the classical sense?

    I mean apart from special effects, it’s just adults dressed in spandex making high school jokes and fighting around…

  12. I dunno, but with the marvel movies being more of a show of special effects, can you really call it cinema in the classical sense?

    I mean apart from special effects, it’s just adults dressed in spandex making high school jokes and fighting around…

  13. I dunno, but with the marvel movies being more of a show of special effects, can you really call it cinema in the classical sense?

    I mean apart from special effects, it’s just adults dressed in spandex making high school jokes and fighting around…

  14. I get what he means because sometimes with superhero movies i feel like i'm watching a cartoon on tv, seeing as like 70% of what you see wasn't even filmed, it was added on computer afterwards

  15. Before some die heard marvelous fans get their panties tied up, they have to see where Scorsese is coming from. I can see how and why he feels that way. And let be honest, the whole premise of a Marcel movie usually fits on a post it. They are bloated with cgi and characters are boring interchangeable stereotypes. And as soon as they dint know how to progress, they put the word "Quantum" in front of it. To be perfectly honest, I like most of them, but they are garbage. Really enjoyable garbage, but garbage nonetheless.

  16. I thought Marvel movies being mostly machinima and less cinema was an obvious fact. Scorsese just pointed it out. Why report on this as if it is the greatest problem of our age?

  17. Most Marvel movies are the same schlock. Predicable popcorn flicks. Nothing more. I came to terms with this at Doctor Strange and predicted every single twist and turn. Or was it Ant Man?

  18. That piece on Scorsese here seems like extremely unprofessional journalism – if you bring up his response you should make effort to at least sum up or somehow capsulate his reasoning and NOT just quote a fragment out of context. The presenter says that he isn't convinced but he did not present Scorsese's argument in the material.

    If you are not capable of summing up his argument, here – you can use my (arguably superior to yours) attempt:
    Scorsese specifically responded to explain that he does not mean that MCU is poor in quality (which he did not say at all), but that he disapproves filmmakers trying to conform to their audience's expectations rather than the traditional method where filmmakers take risk in telling a story they want to tell and the audience being the one who has to try to understand (conform) to the story told – and therefore transcend/enrichen their worldview.

    PS. But I maybe IGN is not real journalism to the same extent that MCU is not real cinema? 😀

  19. You can absolutely push your opinions again Scorsese, just don’t be uneducated and disrespectful. This is a man who influenced an entire generation and towers over nearly every director in Hollywood. One of last great geniuses. So, if anyone knows Cinema, it’s him. The name Martin Scorsese is worth more than 10 more MCU “event” blockbusters. No amount of zeroes will reach the value of his name unless you actually try and achieve what he achieved throughout his career. What if Stanley Kubrick was alive said the same thing? Would actually try and argue against Stanley Kubrick on what is cinema?

  20. I understand where he's coming from about giant franchises but i do feel he's wrong about emotional investment and development within them
    It to me feels like hes never sat down to watch any of them

  21. Martin Scorsese's comment nothing short of jealously. Marvel's films are box office successes and encompass variety of characters/stories while just Italian crime related. At least show something unique or different.

  22. People are so sensitive, he's telling the truth, just compare any Marvel to Joker or the Dark Knight, they are at a whole other level, and I won't break it down for you, you have internet right?, read!

  23. Don’t you dare take Marvel and superhero movies in vain! Certain movies appeal to certain people. Do me a favour Scorsese, don’t put your filthy your hands on Disney because you will get burnt. Advice to movie studios, don’t release a movie the same time as Disney because if you do, you will get run over by them.

  24. I've said it before and I'll say it again, most of Scorsese's movies are trash indulgences, little more that a collection of mob murders and drug binges. We can do without him.


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