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Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, winner of YouTube Next Trainer, and was also recently named FITNESS Magazine’s Best Healthy Living Blogger.


  1. Cassey I have been doing the calendar workouts since january but I still can't do the tricep dip more than 15 seconds 🙁 I love arm workouts and I do extra wo 's almost everyday but I still can't do that move What should I do??

  2. The video isn't launching! 😿 I cannot do it on the 2nd of August! 😔 Help me please! Can somebody write down a respond with the moves that was on the video? Please ?😞

  3. Do you ever get so mesmerized by Cassey's high energy and positive attitude at the beginning that you forget you were supposed to be working out and have to scroll back the video 😂 😂 😂 because that has definitely never happened to me! (jk)

  4. hey Cassey…totally enjoyed this video because of the triceps portion..pliz do more of those..i feel like my shoulders r totally toned thanks to blogilates (week 9 of working out with you😘) but my biceps,back n triceps r not following….thanks if u could do something about it

  5. my triceps need a lil more work to be able to keep up with those tricep dip leg kicks, but other than that i was able to complete the entirety of this video!! so proud of myself, yay for progress <3

  6. i feel so amazing because i was going to do that then i was like there is no way i will do that , then i turned my laptop off. then when i walked i was like let just do that because i believe in my self and i did it

  7. i also did the squats and abs one and i feel i completed the whole body workout… i've been working out since few days.. but today was the day i actually started to sweat !! thanks to you and thanks to myself as well for trying as hard as could ! 🙂
    Really enjoyed it ! 😀


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