Ask a Hot Doctor: How To Clean Your Ears


People magazine’s “Sexiest Doctor Alive” answers your pressing health Qs.

This week’s question comes from Twitter user @BeckGirl23: “I hear it’s bad to clean your ears with Q-tips. Are there any other home remedies I can try instead?”

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  1. great video only……you didn't say how long to leave the hydrogen peroxide in the ears??,and how long is ok, and what to do next??
    q tips are only bad if people don't use them curectly, "just to clean the outside part of the ears," but I was always told to clean my ears with a tissue using my finger but it dose not really work!!??
    ps. can you do more of these videos, I have a lot of questions to ask, and don't know who to turn to for them. 😏😐my doctor finds it annoying when I ask him any question I have. and most of the time will not give a complete answer, ("and I know theirs more to the qestion I asked") and still I always wounder why he will not give a complete answer ????😒😏
    and good luck with everything you do.

  2. See this is the problem here!
    Why ask "the hot doctor" imagine if men's health did a vid "ask the hot doctor" the feminists would be out in full force!
    He's a good doctor and he's helping ppl that's all that matters

  3. I don't believe straight hydrogen peroxide in the ear is good…if left on skin, eats through it. A solution w/ part peroxide, like Debrox is good for dissolving ear wax. He's a little green.

  4. I do not like it that he says/ writes about himself how hot he is or might be.
    You spoil people or their character by giving them too many compliments.

  5. I'm going to sound like a shithead for saying this but: he's not that good-looking and he talks like that kid in your seventh-grade class whose voice has changed but can't speak in a mature way. Whoops.

  6. Smaller than your elbow. Hydrogen peroxide I tried once and it made me really dizzy. To the point where I had to sit for fifteen mins cuz I thot there was something wrong

  7. Is medicaments for blood presure good for blood presure .or just food mediteranian food i have sometimes normal s9metimes 135 91 but i drink medicaments and lost 10 kg of weight

  8. Ive heard its ok to use a q-tip as long as its on the outside of your ears and your really careful. My ears get waxy easily so I like to at least keep them clean as safely as I can.

  9. Nah, this is BS. Once I had a blocked ear that lasted nearly a week. It was so agonizing. I bought ear drops and a bulb syringe to try to flush it out and it didn't work. I even tried sticking a bobby pin in my ear and it didn't work. I went to the doctor for them to use that uncomfortable ear flusher and it didn't work. NOTHING WORKED. It wasn't until I got home that I lied down and then it finally drained out my ear. Basically, my point is that I've found that if the ear wax isn't impacted, it won't come out using peroxide or ear drops. I'd rather just stick some little bobby pins in my ear once a week and avoid getting blockage because it's incredibly annoying to have a blocked ear.

  10. That's safe? Like…you just drop some hydrogen peroxide into it ear and follow it up with a cotton ball for a few mins? I really need to try this so I hope I don't put too much of the liquid or anything haha

  11. Why is it that the first time I watched this video a long time ago I was unable to hear him due to the music but now I can hear him just fine? If someone fixed it then thank you


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