Assassin’s Creed Origins Review


Assassin’s Creed Origins reviewed by Alanah Pearce on Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, and PC.

9 New Things in Assassin’s Creed Origins:

The History Behind Assassin’s Creed Origins:

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  1. You hardly talked about stealth or free climbing, all it was about was mostly story missions and “rpg mechanics” so this review wasn’t very helpful and really disappointing

  2. over rated GFX , this isn't a comment about game play. The levels feel unfinished to me, all the trees are exactly the same to the point where it just feels unreal , the temple textures have very little dirt maps or variation and transition points where sand interacts with walls are just linear edges. Yes it looks superficially pretty but you soon start to notice the repetition , much more so than in their previous offerings. The lack of variance in the trees and bushes almost looks like place holders!

  3. Honestly I had no great expectations from the game, I recently bought a ps4 and this was one of the games I borrowed from a friend.. I tried rest of the games first.
    Then I thought what the hell let's try this one too.. And omg! I was just hooked to this game… The story is super immersive.. Fighting style and the overall fluidity of the game is awesome… The game play at times is more stellar than the cutscenes itself.. Horse riding, interactive crowd.. Huge huge map, u'll love every part of it, I personally avoided fast travel so I could just travel realistically so that I can soak in the whole map, and that ofcourse was kinda counterproductive coz I would get distracted by side quests quite easily 😂😂😂😂.. My regret is that i shouldn't have played this game so early because it has really set the standard too high for me… After finishing this I started with horizon zero dawn.. Which was a let down for me.. Don't get me wrong it is a beautiful game with amazing graphics and a beautiful open world.. Even the storyline is quite intriguing,, but I am spoiled by ac origins because of the parkour style gameplay.. The ease fight fight mechanics.. Which in HZD I found it to be flawed.. My advice don't play origins or ac odyssey before playing other games or u'll be spoiled.. Can't wait to play ac odyssey.

  4. Lol I was on the page to purchase the digital download and i was so distracted by the video that I accidentally pressed yes and bought it. Oh well, it was on sale.

  5. In my opinion Witcher 3 is the best rpg ever made. I am enjoying AC odessy, its maybe the 2nd best game? That said this on is on sale this week. I may pick it up and see if it's worth it? What do you owners think?

  6. Not only is this he best Creed game Iv'e played so far but it's one of the best games Iv'e played in a while. I'm really looking forward to Odyssey. Just waiting for the price to drop a bit more.

  7. thing is this and unity are great games but the frame rate drops on console and bugs make them a 6 or 7 on console on pc i would give both a solid 8 maybe even an 8.5 due to pc graphics and preformance

  8. I never had any AC game before and I finally decided to give it a shot and bought Black Flag, Origins and Odyssey at the same time. Tried BF and Odyssey for an hour but Origins hook me instantly and will be my first AC game to beat.

  9. They make too many of the characters look black, Ancient Egyptians were European and Mediterranean. Even at 19.99$ it's not worth it if I have to pretend Ancient Egypt was a black, sub-Saharan Society.

  10. I need an Ancient China/Japan Assassins Creed, as a Samurai or something like that. (And I know something like this was in AC Chronicles, but that game was 2D, c'mon)


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