BAD GUY BOOTY! A glute workout inspired by Billie Eilish


It’s a Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” booty workout! Today we’re doing a choreographed glute workout routine to the biggest song of the top pop charts -“Bad Guy”. This song was weird, creepy, poppy, and super unusual to choreograph to. I had fun a lot of fun playing with the beats and making a solid butt workout for you.



– Plank Jacks x 8


– Cross butt kick right x 8
– Pointed Butt Lift right x 16


– Straight heel lifts right x 8
– Hammy curls right x 4


– Plank Jacks x 16


– Cross butt kick left x 8
– Pointed Butt Lift left x 16


– Straight heel lifts left x 8
– Hammy curls left x 4


– High heel single legged bridge right x 16
– High heel single legged bridge left x 16


– Long bridges x 2, flexed leg raise x 1 (5 times right)
– Long bridges x 2, flexed leg raise x 1 (5 times left)

My top & yoga mat are from:


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  1. Are you going to make us a 100 bridges challenge ??! That will be so hard and so good for our booty x) Can't wait to here what we're going to do on august 😀 Thank you so much for all your energy <3

  2. I love your workouts cassey but for this type of video i think it's better if you don't talk that much😂 no hate! I mean the movements are based on the song so it would be better if we could actually hear it😂 again: no hate 😂❤

  3. How do you manage to keep your breathing and everything so perfect? Meanwhile on the other side of the screen, I'm heaving and dying lmfao. But thank you for these workout videos!

  4. Hey! Cassey i love you soo much! I have recently checked that i am blood deficient and i amjust losing my strength and my weight also. Now i am taking medications and following a very healthy diet plan! Can you please help me What tyoe of exercise should i do Cuz whenever i done my workout i caught by fever 😕 and my body pains soo much! But i realy want to stick with my routine Plz reply

  5. Too much talking and it made me distracted from getting my grind on with the song 🙁 Point aside though, got a good burn from this! Thanks!

  6. “Do this routine over a million times to get ready for it” alrighty, booty it is, I’m guessing another crap ton of reps and I am HERE FOR IT as someone who still does the 100 abs daily

  7. Cassey! I have a question (or for anyone else who can answer). Whenever I do double leg lifts (or any lower ab exercises that require lifting the legs while laying down) I get a shooting pain down the back of my hamstrings. Do you know why this happens and how I can fix it? I've tried hamstring stretches but maybe I'm just not doing enough? thank you

  8. I always cry and moan during your workouts, and constantly going “oh gosh, she’s crazy!” 😭
    But I always feel like a beast afterwards and so good about myself. 💪😁🙌🙌🙌 Keeping that depression at bay. Thank you so much for all your positivity and energy. I love you Cassey! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Amazing workout, Cassey! You are so phenomenal and positive and caring! I have been doing your workouts together with my mum for 2 years already! You are beautiful , awesome and cooooool!❤💕💓👯‍♀️🍭😽😻👸

  10. So, our new challenge will be a booty one! Great, because I actually didn't want it to be an arm one for now. (just please don't us do plank jacks :o)

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