Basic Kettlebell Workout For Beginners


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On today’s episode of XHIT, fitness expert Kelsey Lee shows you hot to perform a beginner’s version of a kettlebell workout. You asked for it, we made it for you! Follow along with Kelsey on this kettlebell routine and see if you can master it well enough to advance to our intermediate kettlebell workout! Let us know what you thought!

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  1. Sure is right. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly.

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  2. the bell you are using is too light. if you did your swings with a 15-25 pund weight you would be amazed at the difference. also it is a hinge motion, not a squat. your arms shoudlnt be doing the lifting

  3. I'm no kettlebell expert but a swing is not a squat and shoulder raise. This is just WRONG. Wrong info. Wrong technique.   Now Ive seen her other vids, and I appreciate her making things beginner friendly and accessible. Plus she has a really great and friendly personality that comes right off the screen. But this kettlebell workout is just sending people off in the wrong direction.  I think you are a great teacher Kelsey, just not for kettlebells!  

  4. Ms. Lee, Please stick to your normal work outs as the KB workout was not done correctly. People can seriously injure themselves using this poor posture techniques.

  5. Dangerously bad posture and technique. Kettlebells that size are glorified cowbells. Useless for a real workout. Perhaps switching between sizes during a workout is a nice alternative.

  6. I just bought a kettlebell and have only done a few beginner workouts with it so far and even I know this isn't right. This seems less like a kettlebell workout and more like she just replaced dumbbells with kettlebells.

  7. For those of you saying she needed heavier kettle bells this is a beginner workout and the instructor I talked to said to start at 5 pounds and move your way up. Us out of shape fatties aren't gonna be able to do this with 25 pounds

  8. ring ring yeah I, the training with kettlebels I had started with 3kg but some People's with 4kg but this is for everyone for women's and man's it's burn many fat once a time I, see my sixpack
    Grf : Irwan / Maikel Benjamins

  9. There are a few ideas for fat loss
    Make sure you consume enough fruit and vegetables.
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