Battle Pass In, Loot Boxes Out in Call of Duty – IGN Now


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare publisher Activision reiterated its position to not bring loot boxes to the upcoming game. Instead, it will introduce a battle pass system, similar to ones in Fortnite and Apex Legends. They also confirmed all post-launch new maps and modes will be free for all players.


  1. Seems like they have changed this at the last min to stop backlash. They will still sell millions of copies. I want to know the install size on consoles because its 175GB on pc

  2. This was considered an official statement. Unlike the past when maybe it was a dev in an interview or a tweet, this was an official statement posted by Activision for their share/stakeholders. They cannot rescind their word now or they can face potential legal problems. Loot boxes will not be in this game. Lots of kids here don’t get that

  3. Yeah, no, after they threw microtransactions into CTR NF after saying they wouldn't, I refuse to believe Activision would tell the truth about this and not milk their yearly cash cow again.

  4. Of course they're gunna do the battle pass again.. people would just buy teir 100 day 1.. that means they're gunna sell skins,mastercrafts, operators,etc at the store

  5. If you listen really closely at @0:28 You can hear him almost whisper “for now”

    It even sounds edited in later on during the editing process because maybe they forgot to include that part. Which also happens to be the most important part of the previous statement they are referring to.

    Until I heard that part of this video, my original comment was gonna be:

    The statement said FOR NOW they do not have any PLANS for loot boxes. In a hypothetical future where say they did end up adding loot boxes to the game and people pointed them to that statement and their hypocrisy, they could rebuttal with “We said in that statement we did not have any plans at the time.”

  6. How is a battle pass any better? So if you don’t unlock all the tiers for the season since you don’t have time, where do they go? In bo4 they went into reserve crates and you know how terrible that system was

  7. I knew this'd happen. You don't have to be too smart to realise :/
    And i thinks this is okay. C'mon guys, they gotta gain some more money from somewhere else than just buying the game. It was this, or loot boxes, or season pass…… Or worse… They all both.
    So i repeat, i think this is okay.


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