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Join us as we witness the reveal of the next entry in the acclaimed Battlefield series!

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  1. Lmfao can't say a woman was never in ww2 they were in the background running. But yea the trailer was not World War II accurate it was for the Oooos and aaaahhhhs and it wanted that female gamer market. I Don't blame them for that tho. Hope it's fun and plays good. We will see.

  2. And to top off the hideous reveal they had that presenter who thinks he's a comedian presenting it.roll on the female avatars…
    I just wanna know when are we getting bad company 3?

  3. I like the trailer but saying historical correct while the game have women in a ww2 as the main character with an artificial arm on the front line is just ridiculous. the men fighting the war is not just because his country, it also because their family included wife or daughter which is a women. having women in world war feel like making men sacrefice go to waste

  4. This is why you go Indie for genuine quality. Going 'Triple A' means settling for mainstreamed mediocrity. A faceless and gutless effort that plays it safe to harvest as many wallets as possible.

  5. I'm not male chauvinist, but,
    I do not remember that I studied women on the battlefields in World War II.

    Do not get it wrong, I like the female characters. it's just that it does not make sense..

  6. I have mixed feelings. I get that many Battlefield fans are drawn to the realism of the franchise, and increased customization will always detract from historical accuracy they are known for. Which is unfortunate, but I think that they usually do a good job of balancing historical accuracy with the unrealistic nature of many popular video game features. My initial impression of the trailer is mostly meh… but, I think that as more is revealed, we will probably see that these customizations will be tasteful enough to preserve a sense of realism in the game. The woman thing is meh… but, you can't introduce customization without pandering to everyone.

  7. I feel like they should stop saying set in WW2. It’s not WW2, they’ve set up multiplayer like an imaginary war where there aren’t segregated soldier groups, where amputee women are running around in market garden like wtf this didn’t happen. Dice has made the same mistake COD WW2 made. They need to come out and say it isn’t going to be historically accurate cus otherwise it just feels very cheap that they r trying to pass it off like it’s WW2, when it’s really thematically fake.

  8. This looks like battlefield 1 but instead they just slapped ww2 as a setting. Bad Company 3 would have been the better direction, bring back those lovable characters and story design.

  9. Oh how dare a video game dare to be surreal & historically inaccurate!! Its scandalous! And there's no other games to play! The Horror! Oh…

  10. I just wish they could have captured the vibes of the second world war, none of this heroic character bs, my great grandfather fought for Narvik during the second world war in northern Norway, seeing how it plagued him after so many years says allot.

  11. Or just Post Scriptum?


    – 40 vs 40 multiplayer PvP battles (50v50 is our goal)

    – Parachuting into action

    – Photo scanned 3D Uniforms

    – Artillery and Airstrike support

    – Vehicles using realistic values, such as turret speed, armor thickness etc..

    – Authentic level at a 1:1 scale based on military archives and historical maps

    – Faithfully recreated historical weapons, vehicles and famous landmarks

    – Base building, fortification and barricades

    – Logistic and supply runs to help fortify your position and rearm friendlies

    – Towing system for supplies

    – In game Voice Over IP with proximity fade

    – Player driven objectives in Sandbox game mode

    – Full access to PS SDK to add or modify content

    – Steam Workshop support


    – 5 maps for a total of 140 km² of authentic playable area

    – 3 game modes, such as “Offensive”, “Stratagem” and “Sandbox”

    – More than 40 faithfully recreated vehicles and 50 authentic weapons

    – British & German factions, including the 1st Airborne Division, XXXth Corp, Waffen SS and the Wehrmacht

    – The entire western vicinity of Arnhem in 1944 and Arnhem city center with its famous bridge too far

    – Source Development Kit for you to add or modify content.

  12. I dont mind about the females too much, just as long as they keep them out of war stories. however, they should not have taken away the swastika. It shouldn't be allowed to disappear into history. It should now serve as a reminder to how things really can go south… or west .. POLAND *cough

  13. Things i noticed that are wrong

    -womens didnt fought in western front
    -france never had an frontline resistance..
    -rushing around like crazy with an fteaking MG42? Dude u know how this weight? If u run in same speed an assault class whats the point then playing assault and not have a gun with an 100 mag on it…realistic please!
    -only soviet women fought in ww2
    -we are in 1940 were ww2 starter there are not any cyborgs!
    -black men in german army dafuq?

  14. Integrated units of blacks, handicapped women, and ungroomed full bearded men, no uniformity standard, nothing immersive into the setting of ww2. These exceptions need to be presented accurately to honor those that served. It you wish to present the exceptions, then do it admirably, not just jammed in to appease a political agenda.


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