Behind The Transformation | Thrifting, Design, Photoshoot!


A general process of all the work that goes into my transformations! It usually takes me an entire week to produce a new video, and each Thrifted Transformation is started the same week it’s posted on my YouTube–from thrifting, to filiming and construction, photoshoots, and editing! Thanks so much for watching! We hope you enjoyed watching! Love, April


Location: Klyde Warren Park (on the Pearl Lawn
Date: Sunday, March 12
Time: 11-2pm
*I will have free sewing supplies to giveaway to the first 20 people*

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Serger – Juki mo-1000
Sewing machine – Juki HZL-G Series

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  1. you should consider doing some more mid-level sewing videos for people like me who can see a basic circle skirt and dress, but not a full on prom dress yet still want to improve!

  2. If you do one again, would you consider also including how you do your makeup? Your eye make up for the shoot looks so nice u.u i find it hard to really figure out what to do for my shaped eyes cuz there isnt much out there

  3. I knew I recognized a bunch of your photoshoot locations! I grew up in SD so it was so nice to know that you see the beauty in all it has to offer too!! Complements your creations perfectly 👌🏼

  4. I have been watching you since you did that yellow pocket shorts tutorial. It feels so good to see how your channel has grown. You kept going 🙂 and your stuff has always been good. I learnt a lot from you. Thanks April <3

  5. Awesome! So many times I watched your videos and imagine the process that you might have gone through, but never actually saw it. I sew sometimes and I know that it takes a lot of time! I enjoy watching your videos and yes you inspire me to get back on my sewing machine- thank you!

  6. Hey! I recently realized that some of the Nike wind breakers are made out of the same material as the complementary bags that come with their most expensive cleats. I think it would be cool if you could make a wind breaker out of the bags. Thanks👍🏼

  7. Hey April! I like being able to see the behind the scenes, but in my opinion I'd rather you not add clips from snapchat. They distract from the whole video, I can't quite make out what you say with the voice changer, and for the most part, they repeat what you already mentioned. Keep up the hard work 😊

  8. Hey if you got Here at the Philippines you should visit Ukay-ukay (it's a store who sell a clothes for only 5 pesos up to 1,000 pesos the price depends on the day it display) You should transform them into a beautiful clothes. You must search it, and you get interested!

  9. I love watching your transformations! Are you a self taught sewer? I was recently gifted a Singer sewing maching and am scared to use it as I have only ever hand sewn things. Do you end up keeping all the items you transform? ☺

  10. I know nothing about sewing but I love every one of your videos. It's so cool to see the process behind it too, I know it isn't easy but you, and Eric, do such a great job every week!

  11. Gooooosh i wish we had thrift stores like this in France…. Here they tend to disappear and all you can find are "vintage stores" where clothes are awfully overpriced 🙁

  12. Hii April, I am a huge fan of your work! I love the idea that you give second hand cloths a second life! Your videos give me an overload of inspiration for my future sewing projects!
    It was really nice to see the behind the scene.
    XOXO Julie

  13. you should start a segment about transforming e-bay purchases that arrived looking completely different from what it was advertised as. i think it would be really cool! 😊

  14. Hey April, its so satisfying to see you transform pieces into the lovely dress that you do!! Appreciate all the hard work that goes into editing too. Thanks for making my weeks 🙂

  15. You should totally include blooper clips at the end of your videos! Its a great way for us to get a peek at your goofy side and see a little bit of your personality. 😀

  16. April, can you recommend a hand steamer that you like? I've tried a couple different ones over the years, but haven't found one that works that well. Thanks!

  17. Such an interesting video. My Mom recently gifted me her old sewing machine and I'd love to figure out how to use it so I can try to do this too. So weird but this Savers thrift store looks exactly like Value Village we have in Canada (maybe they have it in US too?). The signs, the layout, the carts… It's creepily identical!

  18. are you a savers club card member? where i live, they usually let savers club card members hit up the 50% off holiday sales the day BEFORE everyone else! 👍

  19. First off, you are freaking talented. Get yourself a shop and make some coin. Next, I wanted to know if you can do a closet tour, ya know, to show us how much you've done? Love ya, and keep doing you, love!

  20. you are so beautiful inside and out and honestly seeing how much effort and work you put into your projects, from production to actual sewing is so amazing.

  21. I want to learn how to make my own clothes sooo badly. There are stuff that I fall in love with but they are either to expensive or don't fit me right. I love the videos ❤️

  22. wow after watching this, I have so much more respect for your hard work. I love watching your videos and find it super inspiring. I hope to do something like this in the future. Thank you April! I hope you visit Boston sometime.

  23. that pull out number thingy reminds me of Mr Bean Episode where he got some kind of kettle pot stuck to his hand and he keeps missing his roll call lmao

  24. soy de Guatemala y probablemente no vas a entender lo que digo, pero bueno es lo que hay. Solo vine a decir que tienes un talento increíble, me encanta la pasión que le pones. y también que tienes un novio genial, que lindo que te apoye en todo lo que haces. muchos éxitos, abrazos desde Guate <3

  25. Please do a pastel lace sundress. You always use such bright colors and that REALLY does not look good to me, (the silhouette does but not the colors)


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