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On today’s episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Kelsey Lee has a workout designed specifically for you lower abs! This workout will help you get rid of your muffin top and pooch! Please leave a comment and let us know what you thought!

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  1. I feel nothing in my ab. It's more like a leg workout because my legs feel heavy an are burning while doing the exercise. And my neck is hurting too.

  2. Kelsey,
    I just love your ab workouts!! they have me sweatin every time lol! even though there are so many different ab videos i could watch and do, i always end up just modifying yours! add ankle weights, more resistance etc. i love them all i can say is, id love to see more! also do you have any leg and butt workout videos? please let me know! thank you so much for helping my abs be summer ready !!! i should've taken a before and after lol

  3. Awesome ! Thanks a loottt! Best workout, even better than my former fav intense lower ab workout from you Kelsey cux its still tough but I don't have to repeat exercises through the video which I don't really like to do and so I tend to skip that part.. Thanks! This is wonderful and you are lovely.

  4. HOW DO I KEEP MY ENTIRE BACK ON THE GROUND??? Okay like the middle part of my back ALWAYS curves up and it starts to hurt my back trying to keep it on the ground and its hardly helping my actual abs!

  5. I have been doing ab exercises with XHIT's Rebecca Louise for 6 months .  I had seen some improvement, but then nothing…I switched to Kelsey Lee's lower ab workouts and within two weeks I have seen a huge improvement in my abs.  I also run 4 miles every other day, so it's not like I'm in bad shape. Kelsey Lee's workouts have been better (although exhausting) for me. P.S. I work out in the morning. And yes, I'd like to see the outtake video.

  6. I like to workout around 730-10 at night. The gym isn't so busy then and I won't feel bad about looking horrible working out. Haha. I do see the notice in my stomach. It's starting to get smaller but I only lost 2lbs so far

  7. I only subscribe because the little blond chick is dancing on the side of the screen …super funny 😂 lol plus you have great workout form and I enjoyed watching you

  8. I used this abs guide “suza great plan” (Google it) and achieved a 6-pack abs. Men envy my toned abs as I exercise at a fitness center. My coach said this guide is helpful for male and female. Give it a try to get the result that I have attained.

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  11. Hi! Does anyone know how this routine would compare to doing normal crunches?

    I've been doing this once a day for a little more than a month and am wondering if it will get me abs faster or slower than the 50-100 crunches a day I did last summer 😛

  12. I have a similar dream of every other guy on earth – having six pack abs for good. I was told regarding this guide “suza great plan” (Google it). I lost 34 pounds in 8 weeks, dropped to 5.4% body fat and FINALLY got Six pack abs in less than Thirty minutes of exercise daily Without having stepping foot into a gym.

  13. exercises is not only for morning.. make a convinient time that suits u. dont forget to eat veggies and fruits its better eat starch food avoid oily and also have to know if your metabolism is fast or slow. the best thing treat yourself once a week. but for me I still do same routine to lose weight fast.discipline and most of all do not lose hope even if it takes a lot of time. keep it up guys .

  14. I workout in the morning before breakfast. It helps prevent procrastination if you get it out of the way early in the day, it burns more fat cause your stomach is empty from fasting all night, and it gives you way more energy for the rest of your day thanks to the endorphins!

  15. great workout but I think it's sad that she has to specify that when she is laughing she's laughing at herself and not us like what dumbass would think she was laughing at us lol

  16. I usually work out to this video late at night after me daughters go to be, however I have done it with a few times with my youngest. I’m trying really hard not to not use my leg muscles.


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