Best Mission: Impossible Stunts (Tom Cruise) – SJU


Our SJU panel talks about their favorite Mission: Impossible stunts and other favorite action movie moments before the release of Mission: Impossible – Fallout this weekend – it’s SJ Universe!

Our Favorite Tom Cruise Mission: Impossible Stunts – SJU

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  1. It looks like today may be the day Moviepass crashes and burns to ashes. I was waiting to see the SJU response.. but they prerecorded before the app went down

  2. The questions about interviewing people was such an amazing question, plus the interview Clarke did with JLC was so great too, like really this entire comic con Clarke was on fire, from her interviews to even her bit in the movie fight. I have a question though, like is Clarke like a member of the SJ crew now that fandom acquired them? Because if its not obvious from my moaning about how awesome Clarke is, I really like her and would love to have her be more of a regular voice in the programming

  3. I remember watching grease 2 when I was like 7 because I liked grease and be very confused. My memories of it are all vague and weird and like she sings on palm tree and a guy pretends to die on a motorcycle and he has a secret bad boy identity and only frenchie is there from the first one and that’s it I don’t even know the context

  4. My only interview experience was this video linked below. They're right when they say so much is down to the people you're interviewing. Sometimes you get one word answers, sometimes you get long rambling responses with long pauses. So much is about asking the right thing to steer them where you need them. My inexperience showed & made this video take a long time to edit. Thankfully, one of the people I interviewed was Alicia Malone. Her interview experience really showed & she gave great answers. It made my job much easier & I'm thankful for that. Best advice I can give is that preparation is key & in the long run you'll only get better with experience so go out & do it.

  5. Probably not underrated but Paths of Glory is one of my favorite movies directed by Kubrick and possibly one of the best war movies ever made. The tracking shots on the battlefield and in the trench is magnificent.

  6. I'll take my mom to see it. She never grew up seeing films in a movie theatre so its a special treat for her. This movie also not something where it would be difficult for her to enjoy. Its just a Tom Cruise action film so easy and nothing with deep expositions. Its a popcorn flick. I loved the last one one and Rebecca Ferguson rocked it too.

  7. who should replace James Gunn (if we have to)…
    Noah Baumbach – he can do the family stuff and co wrote The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
    Amy Sherman-Palladino — she's worked with Sean Gunn before, and why not?

  8. I finished watch it today and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel Vanessa Kirby's character could be connected to one of the characters from the very first film and for the seventh film they should make her the main big bad because for sure she will keep her sights on Ethan Hunt. Tom Cruise for sure pulls of amazing stunts with motorcycles, Helicopters, fights and of course the chase sequences. To me it didn't feel like a series finale but it felt like a book end story for specific storylines.

  9. The first wire-drop is still my fav, because it was so original. Hanging off planes and buildings is pretty standard fare for action movies. The fact that Cuise is batshit enough to do those stunts is truly impressive, and the wire-drop may not be death-defying, but it was new. I've never seen an action scene that creative and different… ever. Not before. Not since.
    (Not counting CGI nonsense, that is.)

  10. Imagine a horror film . A real one . Suspenseful , scary , nerve racking , intense . Only the thing is . This awesome good visual horror film stars only real life cats . Our cute cats live such creepy little lives . Hanging out with spiders & eating rats.

  11. I love Clarke! What a beautiful moment between her and Jamie Lee Curtis. Thank you ScreenJunkies News for telling me about her and I'm going to read Clarke's article. Too bad this wasn't a live show because there is so much news today. Still enjoyed the show and I agree with Dan it's still too soon to decide who should direct Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3.

  12. Thank you for speaking about the unsung female creators that have been overshadowed by their male collaborators! It's interesting that you guys talked about James Gunn later on in the episode, because I immediately thought of Nicole Perlman's work on the first Guardians of the Galaxy prior to Gunn's involvement and how little credit she is given for writing the initial script, crafting that world, and bringing the project to the forefront of the MCU.

  13. My fav Kubrick is Full Metal Jacket. I really love Strangelove and Clockwork because they're soooo crazy, but FMJ takes that Kubrick wierdness and wraps it up in an average-looking war movie. It's a far more realistic kind of madness, which makes it that much more disturbing and amazing at the same time.

  14. Fun fact (I guess): Spencer recently recommended Rififi (1955) a film by Jules Dassin, who also directed Topkapi (1964), another heist film which has a wire-hanging scene that arguably inspires the MI scene that he refers here.

  15. Speaking of mission impossible, MoviePass has basically blocked everyone from using it to watch MI6. They are definitely at the point now where they are really flailing around trying to not run out of money. It's all been majorly downhill since the Gotti fiasco and then the introduction of peak pricing. What does the SJ team think?

    Edit: Also do you think MI6's box office will be considerably lower due to MoviePass not offering it's service for the movie?

  16. A good question on what movies you would not have seen if it had not been for friends/family pushing you. Getting the impression from watching a number of critical discussions that French cinema was very high-brow and offered little entry points, my views changed in an instant after a friend gave me a DVD of Rene Clement's The Damned, (1947) (it is on disc & Amazon Prime)and I was left breathless by this submarine-set Film Noir.

    Not a film,but a friend introducing me to Bollywood revealed to me a side of Bollywood with incredibly Neo-Noir's, Shakespeare adaptations and indie Dramas, (most of which are out on disc with Eng Subs)that get sadly overlooked by the so-called crowd Pleasers in The West.

  17. A masterclass on a junket is Hal's mustache bit with Henry Cavil and when his mom interviewed Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, those were legitimately some of the funniest interviews I can remember.

  18. Expected a massive CLANG with Roth saying "…when I interviewed Tom Cruise…" but kudos on your restraint. Bet he remembers your hair though.
    Replacing Gunn will be hard since I think everyone will know that's a poison chalice, I mean, the whole Snyder-cut thing is intense but multiply by 5 when the Gunndians start the hate-train.
    Lastly, any film that has a straight line like "You can't fight here, this is the War room!" is almost impossible to top… although (and yes, I've done this) looking at someone and being able to say "I'm sorry, Dave, I can't let you do that." in a HaL 9000 voice is incredibly satisfying.

  19. Every time Roth mentions one of her favorite movies or what she watched as a kid another layer is pulled back. someone needs to put the supercut together of all those clips so the future generations can one day understand the enigma of Roth.

  20. Top M:I Stunts (not including Fallout)
    1. Burj Khalifa (My first IMAX movie and still remains one of the best theatrical experiences of my life.)
    2. Opera Scene (The music combined with the tension was absolutely brilliant editing and directing.)
    3. Plane Takeoff (Seeing Cruise's feet come loose takes my breath away every time and he shot it EIGHT TIMES!)
    4. Motorcycle Chase from Rogue Nation (I can't get over Cruise riding at full speed without a helmet!)
    5. Underwater Sequence (In case you can't tell I love Rogue Nation! LOL)

    That remark Dan made about Henry Cavill not constantly cocking his arms had me DYING! Clarke really rocked Jamie Lee Curtis with that one! She HAS TO feel accomplished getting that kind of reaction. Really memorable moment between the two of them!

  21. I was almost crying at Clarke Wolfe's question about Debra Hill to Jamie Lee Curtis. Such a beautiful moment.

    As for the first fan question, I watched Cop Land, The Usual Suspects and Twelve Monkeys largely because my Dad told me to and I loved all of them. Happy Thursday/Friday Screen Junkies!

  22. The answer is the helicopter fight in Fallout. But I really love the motorcycle chase in Rogue Nation. because GOD DAMN they are going soooo fucking fast and Tom is not wearing a helmet, and when his knee hits the pavement. Just insanity.

  23. So happy Roth is here and Andy gone. Always loved SJ but Andy and his screaming rubbed me the wrong way and now the show feels so coordinated and planned and intelligent and I just love it! Great job everybody on taking something good and making it amazing!🙌🏼❤️ thank you!

  24. As far as Kubrick, I'm on Dan's page. I can watch Dr. Strangelove any time, anywhere. 2001 is my 2nd, but definitely re-watched Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket way more often

  25. when i started watching screenjunkies in the early days i wasnt so sure about Hal, but i must say: he really entertains me with his videos. i hope we can see more bits of him!

  26. I probably wouldn't have watched "The Contender" if it wasn't for Dan recommending it in one of the "best movies you haven't seen" videos. Truly a great movie.

  27. Spencer (and anyone), please check out Love and Basketball. Such a great, romantic, moving movie. And the basketball sequences are quite good. Great recommendation Danielle!

  28. Why are you having these shit for brain females like hosting this show? Stop trying to act like they have a place sitting there and have any idea wtf theyre even talking about. the black chick is the worst, and doesnt know what shes talking about.

  29. I love that they played JLC’s uncut reaction shot here. Clarke just proved that asking the right question is so important because sometimes the interviewee needs that to talk about something or someone they feel strongly about but have never had the opportunity to do so because no one ever thought to ask.

  30. I’ve only interviewed at SDCC in round tables. You get 1/6 of 10 minutes. I tried to ask questions no one else would ask so the answers are new & original & different and not something the interviewee has been rehearsing and saying all day. I try to give listeners unique & original insights & answers. “Give me something different.”“What can you ask them that’s going to be related to the movie but not the same thing they’ll say to everyone else?” You want to have the original response so audiences have to watch / read your interview to find this answer. “They have to come ready to play.” There are some interviewees who won’t spill anything beyond the 5 answers – ala MCU. Fortunately I haven’t done an interview where the other person wasn’t giving their all.

    Interviewees can tell when interviewers pay attention and are fans of their work based on the questions they ask. Are you just asking a generic question like “what’s happening next season?” or are you digging into >>> Something obscure but important? <<< such as a statement said by one character to another last season? I interviewed the cast of “12 Monkeys” and only knew the work of one of the actors and you could tell watching back I had an interesting question for her and was invested while with everyone else I kind of sat back at the roundtable and let people who had seen the show take the reins. (Tho of course I did research before the interview, but not enough to be a fan.) Whereas with shows I had seen I had a lot of unique questions. I made Madeline Petsch (“Riverdale”) laugh & Jared Padalecki (“Supernatural”) talk from the heart about Sam & Dean’s relationship on “Supernatural.” I had the best life-affirming(!!!) moments with Jensen Ackles and Maggie Lawson off-screen post-interviews, because they could tell I was a genuine fan based on the conversations we had. Both of them had me leaving the interview crying happy tears.

    Being a conversational, talkative person definitely helps because the best interviews come off as just a conversation between friends. Tho I definitely need to work on my “yes &…”

  31. one of my moms best friends was debra hill. I got to know her pretty well and was privileged to meet john carpenter on the set when I was a kid.. debra was one of the nicest person ive ever met, she flew me out to California in the mid 90's and I got to hang out on the set of escape from LA. her work will never be forgotten

  32. The authenticity of stunts matters because Mission: Impossible is ostensibly set in the real world, unlike most other action franchises. The realness of the world increases the stakes of the action. Another way the M:I films enhance the illusion of authenticity is by setting many scenes in real, recogniseable places like the Burj Khalifa and the Kremlin. I also think authenticity is part of the reason the series has gotten better as Tom Cruise ages – as Dan said, the moments were Cruise gets visibly tired are memorable. Ethan Hunt's inexpert helicopter flight in Fallout was exciting for the same reason – we could see Hunt was attempting something beyond his limited abilities.

    If the insurance premiums for the next M:I film are too high for Cruise to push himself to the limits of his physical abilities, the film-makers can use the helicopter flight as a template for increasing the stakes without risking injury. Maybe they will have to rely more on CG in future, but I think it will be fine because the M:I films don't use CG in the conception of sequences. Rather, the films assume all scenes will be achievable in-camera and then use CG to digitally remove the wires/harnesses necessary to make practical stunts safe.


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