Bikini Abs in 10 Minutes, Teddy Bass Workout, Class FitSugar


Celeb trainer Teddy Bass knows you need to work the entire torso and all four layers of abdominal muscles to create a sleek midsection. In this 10-minute workout, Cameron Diaz’s longtime trainer mixes plank variations and roll-ups with standing ab exercise for a complete core workout. Press play and get ready to feel your belly burn — in a good way, of course!

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  1. i love how all these exercises are only 10 minutes so it doesn't feel like a major time commitment! a ten minute video is psychologically more friendly than a 20+ minute workout video.

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  15. The plank series in the first half of the video was good, but I didn't care for the rest… I don't have a weighted ball so I had to use a dumbbell which was a little awkward. Also, I can't really feel my abs working in the standing moves.

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