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Follow the series with fitness instructor Cassey Ho as she gets your ready for bikini season from head to toe! This is the ab workout video of the series.



  1. I HATE this workout with a passion. Barely felt my abs….ALL WRISTS AND ARMS. Cassey I love your workouts but not this one! Also don't like that we use paper plates for the whole thing because I never have anything to use at home.

  2. Please Cassey, no more props; I feel like my workout is not effective with their replacements. For this one I had to work with grocery bags on a lino floor instead, and it was too slippery. So I modified the movements, but I feel like I've done nothing. I guess I will have to resort to another one of your core videos o complete my workout and actually feel something

  3. I HATE THE PLATES! I only feel this workouts on my arms and legs + I can go as fast as I would because they don't glide as well. I will need to do different videos for the first two workouts today in the calendar.

  4. I'm not normally the one to pause a video when I start to feel the burn, but I HAD to with this one :/ and it wasn't even that I felt a burn it was that my wrists felt like they were about to push through my hands and break. I HATE this workout.

  5. My hands couldn't handle this. I've been focusing on flattening my abs and on my inner thighs and my arms are weak but nevertheless I got a massive pain in my arms but didn't feel the core at all. :/

  6. I have impingement syndrome in my shoulders and so many of her workouts are 80% plank I know plank is fabulous but it would be nice if she had workouts for the abs and upperbody that weren't always so intense on the shoulder/wrist area

  7. Hi Girls!
    I'm previewing the videos for tomorrows set of videos on the #Rocktober   Calendar. I'm seeing comments on how some of you dont have paper plates. So a good suggestion is maybe using a couple of paper notebooks, slick hard back books , or something like those. :0) Wish you guys (and myself) luck, tomorrow! 🙂

  8. Seriously. Why can't I do any of these? I ended up skipping through them to see which ones I can do, and hardly got any workout in.
    Oh well, at least we tried, right?! 😀

  9. oh my god! i cant do these! i slip really hard making my face land face down. did half, ill work extra hard on the other 3 vidoes i still have to do for rocktober

  10. My hips click too much with some of these, and it puts a lot of pressure on my wrists, but damn if I didn't at least try them all lol

  11. Having trouble with the first move keep using my arms to get back in the original position by bend them. After focusing on Cassey's form I tried it a few more time without bending arms and keeping them straight but now I am putting stress on my back. Any tips on doing this move correctly? I have pretty good core strength but this move is really tricky. 

  12. I'm so fucking frustrated. I searched through every video of cassie and there is no fucking work that won't get my legs or wrists hurt. There are some that get SO MUCH tension in my back, quads and wrists I just wanna cry. I'm losing so much motivation it's hurting myfuckingself. There are like 3 that really target my abs but my body got used to them and won't help me progress. AND YES I do know how to do the workouts, I've been a long time not only with cassie but working out. I'm so mad, so fucking mad 🙁 ugh. UGHH😠. Just trying to keep in mind those fucking wise words "no pain no gain" "is not going to be easy, but you're not going to be weak." But is SO SO HARD 😭😭😭😭😭

  13. I LOOOVE this workout! I have to go on my knees most times when Cassey does the RIP but finally i can do at least the moves. When i did this the first time a stopped about 3 times a move…

  14. 2 years ago this workout left me so frustrated…and sore! These last few days I've been back over her older videos for a change and today I tried this. It was still HORRIBLE, but I did it. That is what I love about Cassey's workouts. When she comes out with a new video that is unbearable, you try your best (even if you can't do it) and then the vid will randomly come up again on the calendar and the next time around YOU CAN DO IT. It's so motivating 🙂

  15. out of all the videos uploaded, this is by far the hardest one on the channel. Something out of my comfort zone for sure. Pretty fun though once you've finished the video. Only thing that was a problem to me mainly were my wrists hurting. I can't stay in plank for that long despite having done blogilates for years.


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