Bikini Blaster 6: Booty Booty Booty



It is time to kill your butt so that you can look good this summer in your bikini!




  1. Are there any modifications for the stomach-lying poses at the end?  I'm pregnant and laying on my stomach is not an option at this point, but I would still love to work the same muscles!

  2. I don't understand why this is age restricted. I've watched it before. It follows the guidelines and isn't innapropriate. It's a workout video! I'm so bummed about this. I was ready for today because it's my first day not on the beginners calendar and this happened. What could possibly make it age restricted? Unless youtube started deciding it was ok to over sexualize a woman's body who's just here to help people become healthy and fit. I want to find out who I can email to get the age restriction lifted because this is ridiculous.

  3. Ur overworking your butt cause all the exercises that ur doing does nth for ur butt, cause you butt is flat! Imma put it out there shes teaching you guys how to get ur but firm not lifted or bigger/rounder I u want a nice round but/ bulked u gotta only do normal squats!!!

  4. didn't have time for this workout yesterday and somehow the video is not working today. does it have something to do with the age restriction that everyone is talking about? seems silly.

  5. The barbells hurt my hamstrings! Dx i had to stop multiple times to adjust it and rub out the pain so i could continue, so i just took the barbell away and did the exercise. I feel a little disappointed in myself, but i would like to be able to do more than 2 leg lifts before my hamstrings give out -_-

  6. Lol I can't believe people are so naive!
    It's age restricted because she's wearing a bikini like clothes doggy styling and moaning and yelling:"awwww that feels so good"
    And then she's patting here ass!

  7. For anyone worried about taking breathers…that is the great thing about YouTube. You can pause and no one will ever know. Cassey once said, "The only person you should compare yourself to is who YOU were yesterday." No one else.
    Cassey is a professional and while this comes easy for her it is super hard for me. But I can definitely say that I who personally could not last 30 seconds in some of her work-out videos can now continually do entire videos without stopping for a breather. Be patient with your body. <3

  8. Is it needed to use weights for the butt lifts there? because I don´t have any and I´m not thinking about to buy some to be honest .. 🙂 please I need an answer! thank you @blogilates  :))

  9. Age restriction? WTF People is fucking crazy… A workout video gets age restricted but a music video involving barely covered women and lots of sexual references, both in the video and the lyrics, (appart from several illegal activities) doesn't get restricted. Because those videos give them a better profit… Youtube really show its preference to money makers… what a surprise rigth?

  10. SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD! @blogilates you were SO HIGH on energy, you were laughing all the time and saying super funny things, you kept me laughing-crying-yelling the whole time!

  11. I used to cry so bad because I couldn't complete some exercises even though i was doing not so bad for being a beginner, time past and three months later I was strong and I wouldn't cry a tear for weakness until I got back to depression. I stopped doing exercises for 8 months and here I am again, in the crying part. It sounds awful and it feels awful having so much progress to being nothing again because I couldn't go out of the bed but now I learned that I must not give up because eventually I will make it. I know my mistakes now and I may fall but I will always stand up. It is difficult, but as Cassie say, I'm not going to be weak. You all are not going to be weak, you must stand up, you must fight for your goals and give everything you can for them. Someday I'll be big and happy and strong and if I need to thank someone, that someone is not only going to be Cassie but all her community. We have made such a great community, 9/10 comments are nothing but support, emphaty, love and advices. Thank you Cassie for your videos and thank you all for being nice, because you may not notice or know how much it means to me that all of this ambient and paternity exist but it really changes my life.
    (Sorry for my english, not my native idiom.)

  12. Hey guys i've been trying o work on my but a lot but i stop each time tell me please how many time did you worked ro see some results just to support me tnnx and if u have some photos please follow me on instagram and send them to me "salma_.alm"
    Thnx 🙂

  13. ermyguud this is the first time i've sweated SO MUCH after a blogilates workout (even more than the 1000 squats challenge!!) love thos workout Cassey 💖

  14. AHH, omfg this workout is amazing but it hurts so bad! I can't believe I made it through the video without crying because of the pain — I know for sure that I'm going to be hurting so bad in the morning. 😀 Thanks Cassey for making this video! You inspire me so much! 😘

  15. i have to stop for like five times because it hurtttttssss so bad… and plus i workout in the morning without taking breakfast.. and i feel like my battery all low.. normally i swim in the morning on empty stomach but its all good.. this one is like sucking all the energy out of me… needed1 hour to finish it


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