Someone challenged me to go thrifting for items to transform while being BLINDFOLDED! Stay tuned for the next video to see how I transformed these items 🙂

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  1. Nooooo .. u not suppose to feel the items fabric and style…that’s not any different to seeing it ! You Know the item and u know everything about it only the colour and fabric pattern.. that’s no challenge April !
    Try choosing 3 numbers and going along the rack to that number and having to purchase that particular item. That’d be more exciting.

  2. I was wondering what would happen if you picked out items of clashing colors (I assumed they were going to be combined in some way). But I feel like these colors would work together if you did decide to make them into one cohesive outfit 🙂

  3. Hi April, it was fun to meet you when you were filming the shopping for this video. For all you out there when I was going through the racks at savers I over heard them talking and looked up and saw that she was blind folded and going through the racks. April is so dang cute. I have been looking forward to you showing this film and look forward to see what you made.

  4. The white top would look great in peplum style. The pants could be slim fit or wider or to a skirt. And the dress it will be really nice if you turn it to a long skirt with pockets 🤷‍♀️ that’s my humble opinion, you are a very talented person and I’m sure you have more ideas already 😉😊💖

  5. Can't wait to see your transformations! You ended up thrifting with your "head" rather than "heart" in the end (like a true pro) picking up a couple of blank canvases and something else with interesting texture…

  6. So much fun. Loved that you added that Eric might be trying to sabotage you with the electric green garment… lol. I actually liked the color, but couldn't tell what it was. Looking forward to tomorrow's video.

  7. I can hardly waite to see what your brilliant creative mind comes up with !!! So glad you didn't get the glowing green shorts!!😂 but.. I know you would have made it work 😉

  8. Not trying to be funny, just thought that this sort of video didn’t really need to be in two parts…. essentially all we watched you do was go around a shop blindfolded… not really gripping content.
    As an artist I wouldn’t film myself getting my supplies together then tell you to wait for the next video to see what I do with it. :/

  9. This was awesome!! I just thrifted again for my channel and I always buy WHITE!! So blindfolded for me would be a mess😝. I found some white tops that I gonna thrift flip on my channel😁 curious what you will make from your finds. I already have some ideas… you got some pretty easy to transform things. That blue dress, those pants …

  10. A similar challenge would be if your family members all gave you a random item each and you had to make it something different for each of them!

  11. I liked this blind pick video. (Glad you didn't drive to the store blind folded!!! LOL) You said that the off white eyelet top was not your style but it actually looked pretty good on you! Can't wait for the transformations!!

  12. Hey April, that was fun to watch. I feel like when I go thrift shopping, with the intent to refashion, I'm going in "blind" because I seldom know what I will do with the garment.

  13. Some of the music you use in your videos is the same music we play in the store I work at. Feels so weird, sitting at home chilling and feeling like I'm at work when watching your video lol. Love your videos btw, always happy to see you have a new one up!

  14. not sure if you've ever done this before but it would be fun if you had someone else go thrift shopping for you and then you fix up whatever they get and make an outfit out of it

  15. She said, "I don't know what the heck I'm looking at." Lol. If you're looking, then you did your blindfold wrong. LOL. I know, I know, it's just an expression.

  16. This is a really fun and interesting challenge. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do to them. I hope that you make the white trousers into some sort of palazzo as I think that style would suit you.

  17. It’s the challenge Micarah Tewers started! Have you seen her video? She even sawed her dress blindfolded (wouldn’t recommend) but it was super funny and turned out well! Haha

  18. itd be cool if you went into a thrift shop on part 3 none blindfolded and picked the brightest or funkiest thing you could find and make something beautiful out of it!

  19. Thrift shop tip:. I shop men's shirts by feel. The 100% cotton ones feel the best, so I run my fingers down the row and then check the size of the ones that feel nice.

  20. I'm terrified of touching anything in these kinda stores, so it gave me the heebie-jeebies.

    I might sound like a snob
    But I swear I'm not.
    I'm just a bit germophobic and full of OCDs

  21. I was surfing and found you ,,,, so glad I found you. I have been wanting to transform a man's dress shirt into a sleeveless…scoop or v-neck…..I like to have length to me shirt to cover up my butt !!! Do you already have something like this posted ????

  22. I would lovee to see a transformation from Motocross clothing (jersey and trousers) to every day sports wear or something like cargo pants and turtle neck ! Hope you like the idea. Look into the motorcycle clothing section in your thrift shop, if you have one. You will find interesting gems, not necessarily from leather, of course . Thank you and keep on doing what you are doing, because you so good and inspiring !


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