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Looking to tone and lift your bum? Trainer Andrea Orbeck created this sculpting series to keep her supermodel clients’ backsides in tip-top shape. Don’t worry if you don’t have an exercise band to wrap around your thighs, these exercises will work your butt even without added resistance. Press play and get ready to feel the burn!

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  1. I think in the video she says if you dont have the tool or something with resistance to just do more reps– I did it without the tool and still felt the burn!

  2. I LOVE this workout. It BURNS!!! I've been working out for years, but this is one of the most effective workouts I have done. Thank you Pop Sugar FIt TV. U guys rock. And I love the supermodel series. Gonna try the Miranda Kerr legs workout. That looks challenging! 🙂

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  11. This workout BURNS. I felt it mostly in my upper outer hip. Is this the correct place.
    You mention "glutes" but I don't feel it in my behind at all.

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  13. Now THAT was a killer workout ! I could literally feel my saddle bags melting LOL ! Absolutely LOVED it ! Thank you soooo much ! xoxo from France 💜


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