Call of Duty: Mobile Review


Call of Duty: Mobile reviewed by Kyle Hilliard on iOS, also available on Android.

Call of Duty: Mobile represents the best the juggernaut franchise has ever been on a handheld platform. The leveling path is rewarding, even without spending money, and there are lots of modes to jump around between, including an impressive battle royale mode. Unfortunately, it is still a shooter controlled by a touch-screen with no bluetooth controller support – even if it’s impressive despite that, the accuracy and usability will still never be as good as its console and PC counterparts.


  1. I find the controls a bit annoying at start, after that, its only about skill and your reflexes, I am only lvl 12, so I may be wrong, but the game is actually quite fun

  2. your just trash at the game. why are you comparing it to console and PC its a mobile game why dont you compare it to like pub g or something. the controls are also customizable so its 1 of the best mobile shooters.

  3. This is the first online game that I played. And I what I can say is, this is a beast. Hahaha! All the controls are great! Ez to control. Graphics is great! And it allows you to play with your friend (maybe like the other rpg) and its ez to level up. I just downloaded it on friday, and now, Im level 29- veteran III. Lets play together!

  4. complaining about touchscreen controls and too many buttons while he didn't even look at the hud customisation option

    classic ign

  5. I usually really enjoy Daemon reviews, but here he complained about controls without mentioning the insane level of customization this game offers, you can fully adjust interface layout, choose shooting style of your preference and even disable some of a onscreen buttons

  6. You should have used a mobile player to record gameplay… Major part of your problems was just your lack of control when infact for us mobile players (Peaple to poor to buy anything) it's easy as frick to move around.. Do 360's exectra

  7. Why benchmark a mobile game against consoles and PCs? They are different audiences, not everything needs to be turned into some sort of neckbeard powerplay…

  8. This game is great it's a very fluid with the controls once you have learnt the ropes you'll soon be snapping on to targets, you can change all control layout it has zombies coming for Halloween so the game has everything for everyone

  9. It’s one of the best shooter game on mobile platform. With the best graphics and battle royal mode along with the best multiplayer mode. And we are talking about mobile platform please don’t compare it to consoles or pc games.

  10. Having played the previous modern combat(gameloft) games, I don't think the controls are too hard on mobile, though it definitely works better on an ipad.

  11. With the buttons you dont talk about how you can move, make smaller, and change the way they look. I dont crouch or jump much so I made them invisible and moved them to the top of the screen. Same with firing over the left stick.

  12. What a trash review. The buttons are 100% customizable size, layout and even opacity. Literally sounds like a gandmother trying to figure out how to use an iphone for the first time.

  13. Idk if its just me or this guy giving lower score because of no controller support, one of the publisher of CODM is Tencent and they have done this "No Controller Support" before CODM, they do this in PUBGM too, the thing is No Controller Support is better for Mobile players, since people with controller will not get any kind of advantage against mobile touchscreen players.

  14. Downloaded it and played a bit last night, actually I'm impressed. However I don't usually play games on my phone and I will probably give up on this in a few days, but if you were to bring it to Switch so I can play with normal controls I'd be into that.

  15. this is the most impressive mobile multiplayer FPS game and Battle royale game,
    even surpass PUBG itself,

    I don't have a problem with the UI, once you play, you easily forget there is a big chunk of UI,
    once you master the control, you can play it as fast as with the controller

    im amazed with how fast the control was,
    with other game, there is a bit of lag, framerate drop
    but this game, the movement is so fluid, it feels satisfying

    the battle royale map is diverse, and not too big, vehicle are abundant, which is great,
    because in pubg you will spend most of your time walking, not to mention the frustration of premature death
    after spending 20 minutes walk in the middle of nowhere


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