Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Official 4K Multiplayer Gameplay


Activision shows off 5 different multiplayer gameplay modes across 5 different maps.

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  1. This is the only COD that caught my attention again. I don’t know why but I always thought that COD has similar graphics since Advance Warfare or maybe even from Ghosts or MW3 I dunno but the details in this one is highly comparable to BF.

  2. Was this guy special goes on an initial streak at the beginning then cuts round to flank before following an enemy for way too long there was at least 3 opportunities to kill them and when he finally takes his shot he nearly dies like a noob.

  3. The lack of lean mechanic like in PUBG and Rainbow Six is killing this gameplay for me. This looks like dated gameplay. I don't know. I guess I'll get this for single player. Muliplayer might be fun for like a month then back to PUBG and RB6.

    I know lean is on the corners. That's lame af.

  4. Is this the Remaster that came out a couple years back.. or the original.. or the new one coming out? I honestly can't tell, they all look exactly the same.

  5. Finally I'm going to buy cod again… I've lost my faith on cod as it became pile of crap recently. Now I'm going to buy this as it looks the real cod that I used to play

  6. of course this looks fun, cos CoD is always fun when you're against garbage players. Problem is we all know for a fact that in the real game, in 99 of these 100 kills we see, he would have died first. this isnt gameplay, its a lie. E.G 20:09 … he would have been dead 3 times over if this was a normal match

  7. 2 things that needed to be fixed that hopefully are are the map design and the net code. Fix those and this game will easily be the best game of 2019, and by far the best selling cod game.


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