Captain Marvel’s 6 Biggest WTF Questions


These are the biggest unanswered questions and continuity problems we had watching Captain Marvel.

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  1. So the Tesseract was lost when Cap crashed into the ice. Then Stark Sr. found it on the bottom of the ocean floor. And then he gives it to Mar-Vell? How did it end up on her secret Kree light speed spaceship/laboratory? Shouldn't that be a wtf question.

    I loved the movie btw. Watched it twice.

  2. If Captain Marvel got her powers from the Tesseract, how the hell is she, with only one infinity stone, stronger than Thanos, who has/had all the infinity stones.

    I mean I guess you could say that CM was able to accept and absorb the infinity stone powers whether as Thanos has to harness them from a gauntlet.

    But still, I feel like the should’ve explained Captain Marvel’s powers a little better.

  3. "freak accident maybe? The movie doesn't say"… So now when we see a freak accident on screen we have to be explicitly told it was a freak accident?

  4. FURY DIDNT CALL CAPTAIN MARVEL DURING THE FIRST AVENGERS MOVIE BECAUSE THEY HAD A HULK. SHEESH that question annoys me so much. like in hindsight we know they didn't need her so why ask that question still?

  5. What if everyone in Captain Marvel was a Skrull and the whole thing was just to turn the humans against the Kree and give Tesseract powers to a Skrull so they have their own winter soldier in case the Skrulls are discovered before it's time?

  6. Hawk eye woukd have been perfect skull. Talos and his family could have been hawk eye and his family. Theres a line from age of ultron where clint says " when i first joined , fury hooked me and my family up with this safe house " and that would have worked! Missed opertunity i think!

  7. Carol couldn't have gotten the powers from the Space Stone because if you recall…IT WASN'T EVEN THERE!!! It's like if any of the Hydra shocktroops were shot back in WWII by a blaster that was charged up by it…and they got the powers too instead of incinerating.

  8. Theres a theory that the original cube was the cosmic cube and it was then switched to tessoract inside the cats stomach since cpt marvels abilities has nothing to do with space?

  9. Secret invasion? Easy. They played the sympathy card and tricked everyone. Now that marvel helped them find a new home they can rebuild. And plot. Who’s to say some didn’t stay on earth to maintain a presence?

  10. I don't get why some parts of the movie, there were scenes where Carol had a kree's blue blood. I thought she was human? Doesn't she have human's normal red blood? When did she transform into a Kree?

  11. Didn’t Fury once day that the discovery of Thor was the FIRST sign that life on other worlds existed and Earth needed to be ready to defend itself in case any of them were threats? Did he just forget this entire time in his life?

  12. Can anyone figure out how Mar-Vell got the Tesseract onto her secret space lab? Am I supposed to believe that this Kree scientist not only managed to successfully infiltrate human society to the point that she’s hired by the military for a Super secret project (after what I presume was a halfassed background check) but also somehow convinced them to give her the incredibly powerful space Cube so she can hide it where no one can find it… becuz reasons she obviously didn’t explain to the humans? And this is after Red Skull and Hydra proved how deadly that Cube is. My suspension of disbelief needs hydraulics…

  13. My WTF question is, how in the hell she become soo powerfull with just a blast of the tesseract.? huh and where is the cat this whole time.? That cat can even become an Avengers members.. k-mon…

  14. I just saw this in my suggested vids.

    Q: Why didn't Fury paged Capt Marvel before?
    A: Feige answered this perfectly with 'who said he didn't paged her before?'

    Q: How did Mar-Vell got the tesseract?
    A: Tesseract was with Shield after the events in The First Avenger. Howard Stark even invented a new element out of it which was then showed in Iron Man 2. With this kind of innovation, Project Pegasus was born. It was said in the film that she is a kree undercover in C-53. Ya girl applied in Shield as Dr. Lawson then headed the project. After the events of Captain Marvel came the events of Avengers. Fury knows what the tesseract can do but explores how to harness energy from it like how it powered the light speed vehicle from Capt. Marvel. The rest is history.

    Q: Why did Fury trusted Capt. Marvel easily?
    A: He didn't. He actually called for backup and called Carol 'detained'. He realizes that his boss was a skrull and Carol saved him from the skrulls. They also have the files from the record room. He didn't trusted Capt. Marvel until they fled away from the base.

  15. Maybe he called her but the battle was over by the time she got there. Considering she shows up after the avengers make it back to the avengers base maybe it just took too long for the battle of new york

  16. In Iron Man (2008) Coulson tells Pepper they are still working on the name for Shield because it's a mouthful; and only at the end tells her to call them Shield instead of what it stands for.

    But they say Shield throughout Captain Marvel in 1995. Was he just trolling Pepper and Tony or something?

  17. Why didn't Nick Fury call Captain Marvel during the first Avengers movie? He said that his team can hold the Chitauri, therefore there was no need to bother Carol

  18. Sorry, but everything in this video was non-sense. Those aren't even legit questions. I wish he and his team had watched the movie with a tiny bit of focus before making this video. It was all self explanatory. Posting a vid just for the views, that's desperate.

  19. What if Nick did call her with the pager in the first avengers movie, but she just never showed up? And it wasn’t till Thanos snapped away half the universe, including some Skrulls, that she decided to come back to answer his call. That’s a lot of what ifs

  20. They should have shown the back story of Carol Danvers and how she got her powers
    Remember the blood transfusion scene that never came in the movie they should have shown her backstory with Kree and their motive with her

    An element of Dr Lawson should also be there describing her mission and everything I really wanted to know her more

  21. Fury had eyepatch because he knows there are skrulls present on earth and he being the agent of shield agent any skrull can't shapeshift itself to fury cos they don't know how does his eye look like..

  22. Fury didn't call Capt Marvel during the Battle of New York because he knew that event would make the Avengers to finally assemble. If he called Capt Marvel in, the Avengers would never be a team.

    What I don't get is how she became so op with just being exposed to an energy blast harnessed from the Tesseract. I mean Vision, Wanda, and Pietro, who got their powers from the Mind Stone, didn't become as op as she was.

  23. Fury waited to call because that was his dream team he made after he met marvel his dream was for earth to have a team in place in case she was in space… She said only in emergencies they never failed until infinity war

  24. All these years we wondered how Fury lost his eye ? It had to be in battle or on a secret mission , right ? That reveal is such a let down ! Shame on the the person who wrote that scene !

  25. Fury was level 3 and we know from Agents of Shield that the Shield follows ascending order where level 0 is director, Coulson is level 1 and the Avengers around 7 or so
    So how fury was not cleared for anything and called an entry level agent

  26. My question is how did the Avengers know where Fury was when he was dusted???

    Also I feel like Fury didnt call Marvel sooner was because the Avengers didnt fail yet. With Thanos he knew that the Avengers lost this time and called her. With the aliens in space the Avengers still fought. It wasnt the end of the fight but the beginning.

  27. My guess is that Disney abandoned the Skrull arc because they knew with the Fox acquisition they had a guaranteed money maker in the X-men. This is last minute correction to accommodate the new Fox acquisition

  28. Also can someone explain to me how the hell the tesseract made her so powerful like ok I get it the tesseract is powerful but vision is literally made out of the mind Stone and he's not as powerful as her. Like why does the tesseract allow her to shoot fire or whatever that is out of her hands? Overall she was way to op for someone who just absorbed power from something made from the tesseract which really ruined the movie because she never was actually threatened the entire movie

  29. Arguably, Fury COULD'VE called Captain Marvel for the first Avengers, but it takes her a long time to get there. He had to get the Avengers together in case she didn't show up on time (which she didn't) and when they solved the problem, he cancelled the call.

  30. The cat was a flarbin for which in the comics flarbins take the form of an animal and use poisonous attacks so when the cat scratches fury's eye it was the poison that killed the eye organ leaving him disfigured that is why the skrulls say silently no CASE SOLVED

  31. I have a question… captain America first avenger…the tesserect just cuts it's way through solid metal of the ship…but in captain marvel the tesserect decides to stay in a small thin box? Wtf

  32. 2:38 becoz then the avengers are in contact with them they are fighting with aliens but after civil war. Fury almost not in touch with avengers and after thanos's snap he may be thinking that all avengers have been turned into the ashes

  33. My wtf moment is Jude Law telling Captain Marvel – you should be open to a past you can't remember, then he was pissed off she could remember her past

  34. The reason Fury didn't call Captain Marvel is very easy. It's because he didn't want to rely too much on Her on things like this. What would be the use of him making The Avenger's Initiative if in the end he'll eventually call Captain Marvel when alien invasions happen???? He clearly stated that he'll look for more people with powers cause SHIELD can't do it alone.

  35. Maybe Nick didn't call Captain in Avengers Assemble because well, the title. Why call the film Avengers Assemble if Nick was gonna call Captain Marvel? Also maybe Nick know that the Avengers can handle the fight just on their own without any backup work + Captain did say to Nick to only call if it's a emergency & maybe when he called her in the post credit scene in Infinity War, maybe with what Thanos is actually a major emergency & Nick had no choice but to call on Captain Marvel.


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