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With General Leia actress Carrie Fisher passing away before filming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the original plan for her character never made it to screen. Her brother Todd Fisher told Yahoo about the original plan for his sister’s character, which would have involved Leia becoming the last Jedi of the Skywalker lineage. We breakdown what Todd had to say about the plot to JJ Abrams’ Episode IX and Leia’s original role in it. Todd also shared how much footage of Carrie that Abrams was able to repurpose for the film.


  1. Many fans wanted this? Who? Who wanted this? Why is Jedi treated as the end all be all. Why does a force sensitive character have o be Jedi or Sith? Why does every female character be some sort of action hero? Never have I saw Leia and thought man she would be better if she was slicing dudes up with a lightsaber.

  2. dogged a bullet, nobody wanted leia as a jedi, she was busy being a politician anyway. what people wanted was more Luke andvthe fact that we won't even though Hamill's still alive is the real disappointment and disaster . I hope this movie tanks!!!😡😡😡😤😤😤

  3. If Leia turns into a Jedi than that would be the last straw. Why does everyone in this Skywalker family have to become a Jedi that’s not how mideclorians work. But mainly it would be ridiculous for Leia to get her lightsaber and become a Jedi when she is as old as she is.

  4. If you guys read any of the books and whatnot(I know they're not canon now but still), it'd make sense to you, too.

    Btw, I'm pretty sure half of the people going "I'm okay with this" forgot how angry they were about it showing to be a thing in The Last Jedi. Oh, how quick they are to forget why they're so angry.

  5. Still if Leia was a big part in the galactic politics I understand she would lead the resistance but why not come to the republic and do something about The First Order.

  6. Of course she was meant to be .They will try every way possible to get woke, no woman in any franchise can ever be anything less than super strong nowadays.

  7. That would have been so cool. Leia vs Palpatine helping the kids. With force ghosts Luke and Anakin behind her just looking at each other not saying anything:)

  8. There was absolutely no indication of Leia being inducted into the Jedi Order in the previous two films, so it would have been yet another plot hole or contrivance in this disjointed and poorly-crafted Disney trilogy.

    Just as not all men with guns who shoot people are soldiers, not all Force-sensitives or Force-users are Jedi.

  9. Actually guys while they may not have the footage to show Carrie as a full fledged Jedi but according to movie leaks it's been reported that Lei was a Jedi with her own lightsaber because supposedly Rey has 2 lightsabers at one point supposedly belonging to both Luke and Lei that she destroys and builds her own Lightsaber from the peices but is said to use it and also let Kilo who's supposed to be back to Ben Solo at that point use it in a fight against Palpatine and she at some point bury the scrap peices left over by the conjoining of Luke and Lei's sabers. I'm sure if they had known Miss Fisher was going to pass and they had wanted to see her yielding one and they could have gotten the footage they would possibly have used it! But at the time of her passing maybe nobody really thought of taking her character in that direction! You have to remember her passing was unexpected and unfortunate that they hadn't fully known what direction to take the final sequel of the Skywalker Saga at the time and didn't get that sort of footage as a possibility.

  10. Who cares about jedi's in 2019 !?
    Thanks to disney killing all childhood franchise hero's pretending they dont know what they are doing ! Star wars, Marvel ect !
    2019 being a jedi with a lightsaber is as easy as picking up the lightsaber… what a huge disrespect !

    2019… The hulk smells flowers being the hulk…
    Think about this !

    Quick Ign delete my comment !

  11. "Missed opportunity" is what descrbies the whole new saga for now. And with JJ at the helm, its unlikely to change. But hey, maybe well get ore shiny, throwaway characters, like Phasma!

  12. Considering how Last Jedi ended it was clear they were lining her up to be. People keep going on about the Mary Poppins- Kanan did what she did in Rebels and too many people just assumed her force was empathy which is trashy cliche of power for women and was never officially stated she was force empathetic

  13. Disney takes over and the Star Wars movies feel more like fan fiction than anything else.
    Big Star Wars fan, but Christ, it’s gone downhill. I’m even starting to appreciate the Prequels more..
    — ..and that’s saying something..

  14. We'll geogre had a chance years ago show both Luke and liea getting lesson about Jedi powers even if they both were raised by different family.i wonder if other Jedi who may have lived on naboo were liea was raised taught her things as kid but never fully got rightful teaching or her reading books about Jedi in way Rey is doing now .or having her telling Luke she was taught by some but wanted learn more when Luke had his Jedi schooling who knows Leia may have learned few things .but will see what happens in 9

  15. It's clear in The Last Jedi that Leia is strong in the Force (stopping the bottle from rattling upon exiting hyperspace and pulling herself back into the Raddus after the destruction of the bridge). I always viewed those moments as a setup for Leia to be more prominent and to be a mentor figure in Episode 9, sadly that will never happen.


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