Cars 3 Movie Review


Cars 3 roars into theater this weekend and we’ve got your review right here!

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  1. I think the biggest problem is most adults can't get past the talking car bit. Honestly, I think this movie was better than Toy Story 3. In fact I hated the whole Toy Story franchise. And everyone in the theater seemed to like it.

  2. Personally i'm (kind of) an adult and I really enjoyed the first cars and this latest one. (although i also didn't hate cars 2 like everyone else). I thought that the creative is as high as it can get with an already-established franchise.

  3. To me, Cars 3 was similar to latest Pirates of the Caribbean. In both cases, I liked the first and third acts, but thought the second acts were slow and a little boring. I liked this movie better than Pirates, though, and I think I liked it a little more than Dan. I think the current RT score is pretty spot-on.

  4. I honestly really enjoyed it. Granted, I have a lot of personal attachment to the first one (kinda hated Cars 2), but besides that, I thought it had a lot of heart.

  5. I liked the first Cars but it's not my favorite Pixar film and I am more than a little disappointed that we still don't have an Incredibles 2 but two Cars sequels instead.

  6. I think I really disagree with you on most of what you said, i couldnt handle the Captain Underpants movie with all the poopy jokes, this Cars movie had a pretty good story than kept me entertained, although i do agree i couldve done without the demolition derby part, I didnt really like Inside out tbh, it was an interesting story but i think the creativity was meant more for a childhood, Cars 3 was a great sequel to Cars and I really liked how it connected the characters in a new and interesting way

  7. toy story 3 is a total rehash of toy story 2 ….toy story is one of the most overrated movies of all time why people are blind to toy story 3 i have no idea ….its almost a beat to beat rehash of toy story 2 ….people only love toy story 3 because it ended the journey and hit the nostalgia button on everyone thats why they ignore all the flaws….

  8. Seen the cars 3 and i have to say that it was fun until the last race
    the ending is shit af in my opinion SPOILER DOWN

    At the end McQueen starts the race bla bla bla then gives chance to Cruz and lets her finish the race , then Cruz won and it kinda seems like McQueen is ending his career

  9. CARS DON'T HAVE ARMS OR LEGS! I don't care if you're Pixar, Spielberg, or Shakespeare. A feature-length cartoon about grounded machines without limbs is going to suck by default.

  10. I really enjoyed Cars 3, imo it's even better than the first one. It had its funny moments but what I liked the most was the passing the torch theme, I think that is what adults will enjoy the most.

  11. Personally, I enjoyed this movie and don't understand the hate. Putting existential questions aside, this movie had a strong and emotional plot that didn't go all the way, but it didn't feel wasted, either. It's an 8/10 for me, barely.

  12. I don't understand how much of an adult you are if you consider​ "Captain underpants" an entertaining movie for you. I agree that the middle of cars 3 was droopy but the rest had a deeper meaning that relates to real human problems and virtues. the ending was not so impressive visually but rather much more impressive emotionally​.
    By the way inside out sucked

  13. @ScreenJunkies should stop trying to make themselves look like specialist by criticising when there is obviously not do much to criticize. Just be rational and realistic

  14. I disagree with the adult enjoyment part. In the beginning of the movie it's not very interesting but as it goes on, it gets better and better. I saw some other adults and they were getting into it. I don't know, I thought it was really good and I guess different people have different options.

  15. Honestly, I truly enjoyed the Cars 3 movie and after the movie ended I wanted to watch it again for a second time. The movie was full of flashbacks of Doc/ Paul Newman and it had a much darker tone than previous Cars movies which I enjoyed. The Cars 3 movie was way better than the recently released Captain Underpants movie. The movie was great and I would recommend it to anyone.

  16. Good movie for kids not a great movie but I expected more from Jackson Storm and for Lightning to be super rebuilt and then race better. Just another Car Toon, get it.

  17. I was surprised at how mature this film was and I think it is made more for adults and for kids.  It is also very feminist and surprisingly inspiring!  I highly recommend it.  This has been an awesome summer for movies so far.

  18. I hate how fast they're moving the franchise. He was a spy now he's like 80 years old ? They could fit in so much in between! Not to mention where is Dj , Wingo ,Snot rod and boost ?

  19. Haven't seen it yet but I'm glad that Dan is acting professional and acknowledging the fact that Pixar is seen to an incredibly high standard. I didn't enjoy Cars 2 a lot (although perhaps more than some people), but I feel like that if Cars 2 was a Dreamworks film or a Sony Animation film, it would have been praised. I understand why people expect more of Pixar but I also wish people looked through an unbiased lens without having to compare this film to other Pixar films (although that is, of course, inevitable).

  20. I love cars so much. I'm very nostalgic towards the first movie so when watching cars 3 I cried for a least half an hour, mainly in the doc Hudson parts lol

  21. Gonna have to respectfully disagree with you, Dan. As someone who loved the first Cars movie & didn't hate the second one, I thought Cars 3 was everything that Cars 2 should've been. Everything that Pixar did wrong in Cars 2, they did right in Cars 3. I thought the first movie was really funny & had a lot of heart, & the second movie (in my opinion, which admittedly clashes with the majority of moviegoers) was moderately funny, but lacked heart. Cars 3 I thought toned down the humor, but brought back the heart that was missing from the second movie. I honestly liked it quite a bit more than Finding Dory. I think this was Pixar's best movie since Inside Out. But I do respect your opinion, Dan. You brought up a lot of really good points. 🙂

  22. So, I think your review was good, but not great. It wasn't below average, but it wasn't that far above, either. I'm not saying it was bad, it was just not that fantastic. Like, it was ok, but nothing amazing. Servicable, acceptable.

    Ahem, sorry, couldn't help myself, but that's kind of how I feel your review went for 8 minutes. I like you, and I understand that brevity is hard (I suck at it, as I'm sure you're already starting to notice), but I do think you repeated yourself a bit in this one.

  23. i love the cars franchise and the planes franchise i love cars 3 i love everything about Pixar Animation Studios i love cars 2 i love cars 1 i love pixar i love inside out i love up i love wall.e i love the toy story franchise i cannot wait for toy story 4 i love all of the pixar films and shorts and democracies i cannot wait for there projects

  24. I'm a fully grown woman, that went to see this movie for with my fully grown friends… we loved it, almost every single thing… it was touching and it even made us cry… it deals well with the idea of having to let go… having to move on with life, turn to the next chapter, even if you're gonna miss those great moments and your loved ones… and aso looking back at it all and being able to appreciate the good… likewise, it shows how we need to help others achieve their dreams like others did for us… going on with the full cycle of mentor-mentee and helping everyone become true to their selves and achieve their goals… it was deep stuff, man, so I don't know what more you want from them, but your standards are clearly irrational, bias, and skewed…

  25. Some people are completely missing the fact that cars 3 had a new director, different from cars 1 and cars 2. The movie is done so well, the camera angles and the music are the best of any Pixar movie. The new characters are great especially Cruz and Storm. It's just done so well and gives a lot of goosebumps.

  26. As an adult and NASCAR geek, I can see where the middle part can seem bland for someone who isn't actively searching for references and other Easter eggs. To me however, the action scenes were great but it was the richness of the world that kept my eyes glued to the screen the entire time. SO much history was included and, if I may add, they got it all right!! That combined with cameos from real drivers both past and present really adds that last dimension as far as bringing the story to life. The first movie was good, the second one was awful, and the third one is now my favorite Disney movie.

    Also, you don't really elaborate much on WHY you lost interest. What about the more narrative based parts wasn't interesting? Details, man! DETAILS!!!


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